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Jul 21, 2023

Art continues to be one of the highest performing investment opportunities, and LOT-ART helps you identify the most attractive new opportunities from thousands of the world’s top auction houses.

LOT-ART collates upcoming fine art, timepiece, and luxury collectible listings from all around the world, so you can spend more time deciding where you want to invest.

The unique platform goes well beyond a simple search engine, however, because advanced analytic technology also gives you insights into the most attractive deals. As a member, you have access to price and volume trends, historical price data, and personalized search alerts, making this an all-in-one resource for investors and collectors.

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LOT-ART is the largest global database of its kind, and the advanced features were developed to help you optimize your investment strategy. Considering the continued strength of the fine art market, this platform is a powerful partner to help you assess new opportunities.

Despite the high inflation seen in the US, UK, Eurozone, and other markets, art continued to show strong returns in 2022, particularly when compared to other asset classes. The global property consultancy Knight Frank identified art as the highest performing among the group of investments classed as ‘assets of passion,’ increasing by 29% in the last year.

While the market is certainly strong, identifying those assets with the highest potential return can take significant time and effort. LOT-ART does the hard work for you, comparing a range of factors, such as quality, provenance, liquidity, and financial risk.

“LOT-ART is the leading search engine, marketplace and investment advisory for fine art and collectibles, providing a comprehensive overview of the global auction market,” a company representative explained. “Investors can find the best deals on your favorite artists and brands among the catalogues of 3500+ auction houses, as well as checking previous sales in order to optimize their bid.”

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Developed by a team of experienced art collectors, LOT-ART has the stated aim of being the leading search engine and advisory service for those who wish to purchase fine art, timepieces, and other luxury collectibles.

“LOT-ART provides the best possible user experience, and I’ve found the service to be very helpful,” one client recently stated. “I really like the individual help on a variety of topics, such as payment and shipping.”

LOT-ART allows to you to leverage the power of big data and analytics, becoming a powerful tool to help you refine your fine art investment strategy.

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