Colorado’s Best Home Values Uncovered in Report Launched by Denver Area Housing Specialist

Sep 22, 2016

Discover the best housing deals in Denver and the local surrounding area by getting in touch with real estate expert Hugh Vallely of Toth Team Worldwide, which boasts a team of experts who specialize in getting buyers the lowest prices for their dream home.

Hugh Vallely, a Denver housing specialist with Toth Team Worldwide, has launched a new report focusing on the benefit of getting in touch with local experts to uncover hidden gems in the housing market. The company says that the housing market and home prices in Highlands Ranch Colorado, as well as Littleton, Parker, Centennial and Castle Rock, have been rocketing higher for over two years. But there are some lesser known areas where housing prices have paused and represent potential investment opportunities.

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Toth Team Worldwide Denver specializes in real estate in many markets including Denver and the surrounding areas. The are comprised of an expert team including Kathy Toth, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry. She has served over 4,000 clients and 24,000 contacts. Hugh Vallely a long time Colorado resident and real estate specialist is the expansion partner for Toth Team Worldwide in the Denver metro area.

Hugh has spotted a number of local secrets in the housing market, and recognized areas where prices have not only paused in their upward climb but are sometimes seeing slight declines. He explains that while most prices continue to head higher, these small pockets and sub-neighborhoods offer good value, but might not last long, and home shoppers should get in touch to get the best deals before they disappear.

The experts with Toth Team Worldwide have sold over $52 million in real estate throughout 2016 so far, and explain that they take great pride in serving customers and clients' real estate needs. They boast a fully trained full time client relationship team ready to take calls and answer questions, concerns and queries at any stage of the process.

The company's real estate buying and listing agents can help local home buyers to find the best value purchases, and are dedicated to getting the best deals on property in the local area. Once a home has been decided on, the administrative staff guides every transaction and helps to ensure that no detail is missed, so the buy can go through as smoothly as possible.

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