Colorado Springs’ Top Cosmetic Dentist Offers Tooth Whitening Services

May 25, 2023

Are you tired of looking at your stained teeth in the mirror every day? Then you should consider getting a professional teeth whitening treatment from Bear Creek Dental Center (719-633-2828) in Colorado Springs.

No one wants to have stained teeth, but due to several different reasons, it can happen! Thankfully, the professionals at Bear Creek Dental Center have the perfect solution for making your teeth white again!

Their teeth whitening treatment is an affordable, non-invasive way of changing the color of your natural tooth enamel. In most cases, you carry out the treatment yourself at home over a couple of weeks.

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According to Bear Creek Dental Center, teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments provided in the United States, with roughly 40 million people, or 14 percent of the population, having gotten professional teeth whitening treatments at some point in their lives.

Generally speaking, there are four main causes of teeth discoloration. The most common cause is food and drink, which if left unmonitored, can lead to unpleasant yellow and brown stains. The other three causes are fluorosis (excessive fluoridation during tooth development), medications such as tetracycline, and the natural degradation of your teeth over time.

Bear Creek Dental Center’s teeth whitening treatment addresses all four of these issues.

Treatment begins with a fitting of the clear plastic trays that will hold the whitening solution. These trays are worn twice daily for about 30 minutes or overnight for two weeks or until your desired level of teeth whiteness is achieved.

Teeth whitening is a safe and medically-approved treatment. With that being said, you may experience some sensitivity during the teeth whitening process, but this usually subsides shortly after the bleaching is complete. When you get the trays, Bear Creek Dental Center will also provide you with care instructions so you can properly maintain them.

“I always used to hide my smile because of the stains from years of coffee, smoking, and wine drinking,” said a satisfied customer. “But now I have the confidence to show everyone my pearly whites thanks to Bear Creek Dental Center. They took into consideration my tooth sensitivities and provided me with a painless treatment that worked wonders. I can’t recommend them enough.”

To take advantage of Bear Creek Dental Center's teeth whitening treatment you can schedule a consultation by calling the number in the description or by requesting an appointment through their website. In addition to teeth whitening treatments, the practice also provides general cleaning and prevention dentistry, restorations, periodontal disease treatments, and other cosmetic dentistry services.

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