Cockermouth SEO Specialist: Keyword Strategies & Media Content For Accountants

Jun 4, 2024

Whether you’re an accountancy practice owner or you run their digital marketing in Cockermouth, Carlisle-based ClimbHigh SEO (01228 318068) offers highly specialised SEO services for accountants throughout Cumbria and the North West.

Unlocking The Power Of Content for Accountancy Practices

Keywords remain an important element of SEO for all businesses. For accountants in an increasingly competitive space, you need to go several steps further to succeed. ClimbHigh SEO offers a cutting-edge content marketing strategy that focuses on high-quality materials published on trusted platforms.

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Each campaign is developed by a team of professionals – yes, real people – and includes news articles, blogs, videos, slideshows, and more. The agency works directly with local accountancy businesses who want to let the world know about their own services.

Almost every business knows that good organic ranking is an important source of new clients, which has made the SEO space incredibly competitive - even amongst the relatively small number of accountants practices in Cumbria. By publishing high-quality content on over 400 trusted websites, ClimbHigh SEO can give you the edge you’re looking for.

“We develop strategic content campaigns that target niche publications, related websites, blogs, and news networks, where your customers’ eyeballs are most likely to be looking,” a company representative explained. “The approach for each campaign will be different, which is why we focus on using human writers, which remain most effective at making meaningful connections.”

Content & Google

While keywords still form an important aspect of SEO, Google states that it also wants to ensure that the pages it recommends offer real value to their platform users. To that end, the firm uses a quality-assessment matrix known as Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trust (E-E-A-T) to judge the credentials and reputation of a source.

The latest content marketing approach from ClimbHigh SEO is focused on building the authority and reputation of local businesses, both with their target audience and with Google. The firm also offers expertise in more general keyword optimisation, which can be used in conjunction with content marketing for a much greater impact.

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About ClimbHigh SEO

Focused on offering SEO expertise in Cumbria and the wider North West and Border regions, ClimbHigh SEO has provided services to a wide variety of industries, including legal, civil engineering, photography, personal training, flooring, and business consultants. In addition to core SEO activities, the agency offers website planning and digital marketing strategies in partnership with several local firms.

“We are really pleased with how ClimbHigh SEO has pushed our website up the rankings in such a short space of time,” one client recently stated. “I would highly recommend Ray and his team for anyone who wants to increase the visibility of their website.”

If your SEO efforts aren’t having the effect you hoped, contact Carlisle’s leading experts for the latest content strategies.

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