Carlisle SEO Specialist: Advanced Techniques For Businesses & Marketing Agencies

Jul 4, 2024

There have been several important developments in the SEO space in recent months, and Carlisle-based ClimbHigh SEO helps local businesses, web designers, and marketers stay on top of the latest trends.

Original Content & SEO

A recent major algorithm update at Google placed extra importance on high-quality original content that’s written by and for humans. Carlisle-based ClimbHigh SEO works with professional writers to develop campaigns that connect with your target audience.

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The agency’s multimedia content campaigns include new articles, blogs, videos, slideshows, infographics, and more. When coupled with traditional SEO techniques, like keyword optimisation, the team can supercharges your online visibility.

While ClimbHigh SEO works directly with local businesses, their expertise can also complement your web design or marketing agency. You don’t need to be based in Carlisle to benefit, because they partner with businesses across the entire Northwest and Borders areas.

“A well-planned content strategy can boost brand awareness and visibility, as well as building trust with your target audience,” a company representative explained. “This has become even more relevant in light of recent information, and our high-authority multimedia campaigns are now at the forefront of the industry.”

Google & Domain Authority

While Google frequently denied the use of domain authority in its ranking algorithm, a recent leak of thousands of internal API documents revealed that ‘site authority’ does play a role in assessing websites. The documents also revealed the existence of a whitelist, which prioritises websites that the platform has singled out as being trustworthy.

As ClimbHigh SEO points out, the leak confirms the role that website authority can play in search rankings, and the firm’s content marketing solution now utilises a network of more than 350 high-authority platforms to help boost the visibility of local businesses. In addition, the agency backlinks your websites across all content, which also improves the authority of your own domain name.

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About ClimbHigh SEO

Headquartered in Carlisle, ClimbHigh SEO offers its services to clients in the Northwest, Borders, and Southern Scotland regions. The agency combines advanced content marketing and backlink creation with more traditional keyword optimisation strategies.

“We are very pleased with how ClimbHigh SEO has pushed our website up the rankings in such a short timeframe,” one client recently stated. “I can highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to improve their online visibility.”

If you want to stay ahead of the SEO game, contact Carlisle’s leading specialists, ClimbHigh SEO.

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