Cleaner Air for Better Health: Activated Charcoal Filters Remove Toxic Particles

Nov 25, 2021

For better air quality in households with pets or tobacco smoke, Think Air Purifiers have released their new line of activated carbon filtration systems.

Do you live in an area affected by urban smog, industry, or smoke? Perhaps you live in a household with furry companions? Reduced air quality is a concern for many Americans, and for this problem, there is only one solution: air filtration.

To learn more about the innovations in clean air from Think Air Purifiers,

The updated designs have been released to solve issues that arise with traditional air filters. Smaller filter sizes may result in less purification, which is why Think Air Purifiers products come equipped with deep filter wells. Normal designs also use glues and binders which can heat up and release harmful particles, which these filtration systems do not.

While the Clean Air Act of 1977 may have dramatically improved the outdoor air quality in the US, many indoor spaces remain polluted, especially if populated by one or more pets. Pet hair and dander are extremely light and may remain suspended in the air for long periods, making air filtration a must for pet owners.

This is where activated carbon filtration can help. The relatively large, porous granules of carbon can individually filter massive amounts of air thanks to their internal surface area. One gram of activated carbon may have a surface area of over 500 square meters, making it an incredibly effective filter material.

Activated carbon can also assist in the removal of tobacco smoke in environments where that is a concern. Doing so can help reduce the risk of second-hand smoke intake by family members, or patrons in a business setting.

The AllerAir AirMedic purifier comes standard with all of the above features, with no rubber gaskets that may fail and render the filtration useless. The AirMedic 5 Model is available at

These filters can be very effective on the worksite as well. Work any kind of construction job? Your standard HEPA filtration device may not be enough. By adding a secondary air purifier to the worksite, you ensure your lungs are healthy and free of debris.

Given the importance of lung health and the negative effects that breathing unclean air can have on the body, it is essential to mitigate the potential harm. Think Air Purifiers are a clear way to do this, able to remove even the smallest of contaminants from the ambient environment.

For the upgraded AirMedic 6 Model, visit

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