Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief With Chiropractic Care & Counseling In Verona, WI

Oct 22, 2021

Hellenbrand Rabideaux Chiropractic (608-849-5550) is committed to helping residents in Verona, WI find relief from their chronic pain with comprehensive chiropractic services and lifestyle counseling.

If your quality of life has been impaired by chronic pain, know that this condition isn’t forever. There are alternative healing therapies available that can help.

We’re Hellenbrand Rabideaux Chiropractic, and we have earned a reputation for being a trusted wellness center. The secret to our success? We understand the body, how it works, and what can be done to trigger its natural healing processes.

The result is a renewed sense of vitality—a life free of pain.

A life that you deserve.

You can find more details about us at

We’ve recently updated our services to help more residents find relief from their chronic back or neck pain. Creating a customized recovery plan for each patient, we attempt to safely restore optimal function without medication or surgery.

The updated services fill a gap in the market for safe and natural therapy for pain relief. According to recent studies, roughly 20% of the U.S. population has abused prescription medicine, with most of this being pain-relieving pills. Experts recommend seeking alternative and non-addicting ways to relieve pain, and one of these avenues is through chiropractic care.

Our center is run by Dr. Nick Hellenbrand and Dr. Sara Rabideaux. Together, they offer different chiropractic services to fully resolve chronic pain by adjusting various muscles and nerves that trigger the body’s natural self-healing processes. The different chiropractic adjusting techniques offered include Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson, Toggle Recoil, Activator, and Extremity adjusting for arms, legs, hands, and feet.

Despite common perceptions, chiropractic care should not be painful or should be a minimal pain procedure as the therapist realigns the spine. Rest assured that each treatment session is made with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Further, because our techniques trigger the natural healing process, results can be observed after several regular sessions. While immediate pain relief is possible, complete recovery from chronic pain requires consistent treatment which may take some months. 

After the actual adjustments, Drs. Hellenbrand and Rabideaux usually provide further nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice. This is to encourage you to practice healthier habits to prevent any recurrence of your pain.

Want to schedule an appointment? Please fill out the form on our website. This is to prevent walk-in guests and practice health guidelines of social distancing.

A grateful client wrote, “I have suffered from chronic back pain and have seen quite a few chiropractors in the past but will stick with Dr. Sara and Dr. Nick! They’ve been wonderful to work with and are very professional and knowledgeable.”

Find natural and safe relief from your pain today.

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