Chrome Alternative Browser App Has Uncensored Built-In Search For US Right

Dec 3, 2022

TUSK is a new anti-liberal bias web browser for American moderates and conservatives that puts freedom and free speech first.

Chrome Alternative Browser App Has Uncensored Built-In Search For US Right

If you’re a free-speech absolutist who is sick of using an internet run by free-speech naysayers and the PC police, then you need TUSK!

TUSK is both a web browser app and a search engine, and it is available for you to download on Android mobile, iOS mobile, Windows desktop, and Mac desktop. The app has been created by moderates like you for moderates like you and it is designed to be an internet space that is free from the constraints of political correctness and the dictates of liberal bias.

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According to a recent poll from Gallup, only 11% of Republicans now trust mass news media. As a recent article on Fox News that cited this fact explained, this is in major part due to the evident liberal bias of major news outlets, both traditional and digital.

TUSK wants you to know that the internet is not the free space it once was, and, increasingly, the content that is searchable online is controlled by the vested interests of Big Tech, left-wing media institutions, and other groups that are aligned with the ideologies of the Democrats.

As such, it is their mission to bring back free speech through their private and encrypted web browser. In addition to offering you the maximum level of privacy when online, TUSK also gives you the opportunity to control the news media that you access, and therefore to reject the current algorithmic and biased model.

As the platform combines a web browser, with an integrated search feature and a filtered news feed for top stories, they believe they can put transparent, honest, and accurate real news back in the hands of center-right and right-leaning Americans like you.

The founders of TUSK stress that, if you’re a conservative or a moderate, you need to stop using the major browsers, including Chrome, Brave, and DuckDuckGo, which they believe will only force-feed you biased and censored content with a vested interest.

TUSK is proud to be the US’ first free speech browser. The team is continually working to expand and improve its innovative alternative web browser.

A spokesperson for the platform said, “With TUSK you can privately browse the internet and get the latest news without censorship or liberal bias! Our freedom-first web browser has been developed exclusively for conservatives and moderates.”

Say goodbye to censorship and hello to free speech with TUSK!

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