Choosing The Ideal Brewing System Based On The Size Of Your Brewery

Jun 6, 2021

If you’re starting a brewery, you’ll need a compatible brewing system. Specific Mechanical Systems specializes in 100% handcrafted and customizable brewing systems — from small-scale to larger production brewhouses.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a brewery — now is the time to do it. Over the next six years, the growth rate of all sized breweries is expected to explode, as well as the brewing system market. If you have absolutely no background knowledge of what it takes to start a brewery though, we’ll let you in on a little secret… 

It’s not as hard as you might think. 

That’s especially true when you have a brewing system manufacturing company walking you through the entire process — from the brewing equipment to the cellar equipment to the brewery automation system.

Specific Mechanical Systems is a specialty brewing and distilling equipment manufacturer based in Victoria BC. Their 100% handcrafted brewing systems are made entirely of stainless steel and copper. Over the thirty-five years that they’ve been in business, the company has installed over 1500 handcrafted brewing systems for craft and microbreweries, brewpubs, taprooms, and regional breweries, worldwide. Specific Mechanical Systems never outsources, compromises, or cuts corners. Any brewmaster knows that good beer starts with a Specific Mechanical Systems brewing system.

Knowing who you’re getting your brewhouse from is the first step, and once that’s chosen, that manufacturer should be able to help you through the rest. But we suggest that you get a general understanding of the basics first.

So what are the different sizes of brewhouses one can buy?

Small-Batch Brewing Systems for Craft and Microbreweries

For small-batch craft brewing, micro-brewing, or startup brewing, Specific Mechanical Systems has 5 BBL to 20 BBL brewing systems that are perfect for starting small, but also allow for expansion and growth. Every brewhouse is completely customizable and includes all standard craft brewing equipment — from the grain handling to the kettle to the hot liquor tanks. And you can even add things like cellar equipment for storage.

Craft breweries are becoming more and more popular in the beer industry — with communities and neighborhoods wanting to support smaller-sized companies and businesses. A shift in all industries is happening where shopping locally is taking precedence over shopping by corporations. Not only is Specific Mechanical Systems a small, local business in Victoria BC, but their commitment to helping small-sized craft breweries grow is one that shouldn’t go unacknowledged.

Mid-Size Brewing Systems for Craft Breweries or Regional Production Breweries

You’ll need a higher output brewhouse if you want a mid-sized craft brewery or regional production brewery. Specific Mechanical Systems has 30 BBL to 100 BBL brewing systems available for larger volumes. Similar to the 5 BBL to 20 BBL brewing system, the mid-sized brewhouse can be customized depending on the needs of the brewmaster and brewery. All brewing systems are pre-plumbed and set up for all utilities.

Large-Scale Brewing Systems for Large Production Breweries

Specific Mechanical Systems also builds 100+ BBL brewing systems for large production breweries. Just like the other brewing systems, these are customizable and designed specifically for the needs of the brewery. Specific Mechanical Systems designs and builds hand-crafted brewing equipment with the customer in mind at all times. 

When it comes to brewing systems, Specific Mechanical Systems uses the highest quality in every build, customizing any configuration that they may need to optimize a brewmaster’s beer brewing. The knowledge of this company is superior in the industry, and exactly who you should trust with your brewhouse needs. There are no cookie-cutter solutions at Specific Mechanical Systems — just brew systems hand-crafted in Canada, built to last.

One thing that makes Specific Mechanical Systems different from other brewing system manufacturers is their commitment to supporting and shopping locally. Their values and mission center around camaraderie and establishing a relationship between neighborhoods around the world. While they build brewhouses for breweries and brewmasters across the globe, they’re looking to spread the idea of coming together as a community, exchanging and hearing one another’s ideas, and sharing a fresh pint of beer while doing so.

If you’re in the market for purchasing a brewing system — whether that’s 5 BBL or 100 BBL — Specific Mechanical Systems is the easy decision of who should build it for you. Their experts will walk you through the entire process, making you feel confident about your abilities to brew the best beer. The company goes one step further to help with your brewhouse layout based on your building size, location, and workflow. Not only will they design, build, and install your brewhouse — Specific Mechanical Systems will install SpecBrew, an intuitive brewery automation, so you can control and monitor operations from anywhere in the world. 

And in the brewing industry, that level of care and competence is the difference between a good beer… and a great beer. 

For more information on Specific Mechanical Systems and requesting a quote on a brewing system, call +1-250-652-2111 or email them at [email protected].

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