Choose The Right Age Range & Turn Your Children’s Book Into A Kindle Best-Seller

May 3, 2022

So you want to write a children’s book – but what age range should you target? Surely there must be a guide on how to do this right. There is – J.J. Fast Publishing has got you covered! Find out more at

Choose The Right Age Range & Turn Your Children's Book Into A Kindle Best-SellerPublished what you think is a really great children’s book idea but no one seems to have realized it yet as well?No, wait. Do they know it even exists? I mean, it’s a great, great and great book! Did I perhaps already mention how great the idea was?But you’re stuck on how to take your book from zero to hero before you even brush your teeth tonight? (You do brush your teeth at night, right?)Not to worry, there’s hope for your book yet! Check out this guide for new children’s book authors and find out how you can make your great book an Amazin best-seller.Written by Jay Boyer, “How to Write a Best-Selling Children’s Book,” is a step-by-step guide on writing and self-publishing books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.One of the main obstacles you will face is understanding what will make your book sell well on Amazon. With so many factors to consider, such as illustrations, age range, and length, learning how to write and market a book on your own can be a daunting task. The report explains that to create a winning sales and marketing strategy it’s essential that you target the correct age category.You should ideally target one of the four age groups as determined by Amazon. These include the ages of 0-2, the preschool ages of 3-5, the kindergarten to 2nd-grade ages of 6-8, and the 3rd to 6th-grade ages of 9-12.The report teaches you how to write, illustrate, and publish your first book using the Kindle Direct Publishing tool. It also touches on a few effective strategies that will move your children’s book to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list and double book sales month by month.J.J. Fast Publishing’s guide covers the entire process of self-publishing a children’s book on Amazon from manuscript creation to marketing and sales strategies. If you want further instruction, you can join Jay Boyer’s online course which includes an idea generator, book templates, formatting software, and best-seller case studies. You will also have access to an exclusive Facebook group, an 8-week group coaching program, advanced professional training, and training on how to publish paper books, which can do better than ebook sales.A happy student, Jeff Rivera, said, “Within a week-and-a-half of publishing I had over 126 reviews from people, including an endorsement from Stan Lee. Oh, and I had a literary agent chase me down to represent the books as well.”J.J. Fast Publishing is the authority on all things KDP that you can always rely on – get the report now and start writing that book!Click the link in the description to download your copy!

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