Choose Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Using Hot Water Extraction In Hammond, IN

Mar 4, 2024

Time for a real carpet cleaning but don’t want a bunch of nasty chemicals in your home? Ajax Carpet Services ((219) 933-1019) offers natural & non-toxic truck-mounted hot water extraction to give your carpet the safest, deepest clean!

Old, dirty carpet is not only kinda gross but it can affect the air quality of your home. Many cleaning solutions use harsh chemicals, but this all-natural alternative just so happens to be the most effective method, too!

Ajax Carpet Services' truck-mounted hot water extraction method uses a non-toxic, alkaline cleaning solution to eliminate the deepest dirt & grime, leaving your carpet and the air you breathe squeaky clean.

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What Exactly Is HWE?

Truck-mounted hot water extraction uses high-pressure tools to insert a mixture of hot water and cleaning agents deep into the carpet fibers, loosening hard-to-reach dirt and grime.

Over time, carpets can gather harmful particulate matter which is then released into the air to be breathed in. This can contribute to respiratory problems like asthma.

Ajax Carpet Service's truck-mounted hot water extraction (HWE) will begin by treating your carpet with an alkaline pre-spray which is worked deep into the fibers with a grooming rake. After this spray properly loosens the dirt and grime, they will extract it with a superheated, chemical-free clear water rinse.

Ajax Carpet Service Goes Above & Beyond

Traditional carpet shampooing and dry cleaning methods leave behind large amounts of residue, however, Ajax's HWE process leaves carpets virtually residue-free, further improving the air quality of your home. Since Ajax Carpet Service uses natural, non-toxic cleaning agents, their HWE service is eco-friendly and safe for your family and pets.

They'll even vacuum your baseboard to remove dust and particles! AND, after the HWE process is complete, they'll do a final brush grooming to erase marks left by the treatment and ensure your carpet fibers are all lying correctly.

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About Ajax Carpet Service

Located in Hammond, Indiana, Ajax Carpet Service has been providing carpet, tile, and upholstery services to the local community since 1978. Along with its carpet deep-cleaning, the company offers carpet installation, repair, and re-stretching services, as well as upholstery cleaning. Customers can also purchase new carpets through Ajax Carpet Service, which will provide education throughout the shopping process to help customers choose the most appropriate carpet for their needs and budget.

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