Choose Custom Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings For Speedy Bus Station Renovation

Mar 28, 2024

Does your bus station or terminal need an upgrade? With preferred Butler Builder, Reich Construction LLC’s (301-550-0540) comprehensive range of in-house design and construction services and durable, pre-engineered steel buildings, your station will be renovated and fully operational in no time!

Bus stations and terminals serve as community transportation hubs. They allow residents without private vehicles, or who prefer public transportation, to cheaply and quickly get where they need to go within and beyond the community. Bus terminals reduce local traffic headaches, too, and offer ways for travelers to seamlessly transfer from buses to other forms of public transit.

Keep Your Hub in Tip-Top Shape with Reich Construction LLC

Given these benefits, it’s important to keep your bus terminal in good shape, and if it needs to be renovated, it should be done in a way that ensures passengers are accommodated and traffic isn’t significantly interrupted. The multi-talented design and building experts at Reich Construction LLC can renovate your bus station or terminal in phases, so you can keep it in operation as they work, and their durable, pre-engineered steel structures ensure the final result will last for decades to come. Check out their services at

There are several benefits of using pre-engineered steel buildings to construct or repair your bus station or terminal, such as:

  • speedy construction,
  • cost-effectiveness,
  • durability,
  • structural integrity, and
  • sustainability

A Full House of Designers, Builders, & Permitting Experts

Reich Construction LLC offers these services with the multi-skilled support of its in-house team of planners, designers, engineers, architects, and permitting professionals. With the team's full range of design and building offerings, you can streamline your entire project process with smoother coordination between each phase, and you can improve its cost-effectiveness with more competitive pricing on materials and services. Greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness ensure your project gets done on time and on budget!

“Our forte is being able to handle projects from beginning to end in the most efficient, cost-effective manner,” CEO and Head Architect Bruno Reich says. “Our steel buildings are less expensive than traditional construction materials and can be assembled faster, so we can finish your project sooner and with fewer schedule interruptions.”

Make Your Bus Terminal Spacious, Sturdy, & Low-Maintenance

Bus terminals built with pre-engineered steel can also achieve large clear spans to better accommodate bus and passenger traffic. These large clear spans won't require internal support columns, which further reduces your material costs, thanks to the exceptional durability and structural integrity of pre-engineered steel. Moreover, if your terminal is built with this type of steel, it will be better able to withstand harsh weather conditions, giving it a longer, low-maintenance lifespan.

Pre-Engineered Steel Is Sustainable

Pre-engineered steel is also a good choice of material if you're concerned about the environmental friendliness of your station. Because its manufacturing process is more efficient and involves less construction waste, using pre-engineered steel to build or renovate your bus station will make the structure more sustainable.

Innovative Constructions: Bruno Reich's Four Decades of Building Excellence

Bruno Reich has 40 years of experience designing and constructing commercial and industrial buildings. He and his experienced team have built structures for a company that recycles wind turbine blades and a fire-resistant community center overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, and they have doubled the size of an ice arena while accommodating its extensive HVAC system.

“We design and erect pre-engineered metal buildings for clients throughout the US,” a company representative says. “After 40 years and thousands of metal building projects, we have systems in place to ensure your renovated bus terminal is a success.”

The Proof Is in the Finished Work

The proof of that last statement is in Reich Construction LLC's completed projects. They recently renovated a 12,000-square-foot Greyhound bus terminal in Baltimore, MD to replace a 40-year-old structure that had become unsightly and overcrowded, with passengers often having to wait for their buses in bad weather.

As the new structure was being built in phases, the old structure was able to remain operational, so passengers could continue to get to where they needed to go and Greyhound employees could continue working. When the new building was finished, it had a roomy main hall and a butterfly roof over the loading area to protect passengers from the elements. The new exterior was stylishly made over with large, modern glass curtain walls and high-tech contemporary metal skin. They can give your station or terminal a beautiful, long-lasting makeover, too.

Keep your community transportation hub humming for decades with Reich Construction LLC's custom pre-engineered steel design and building services!

They can get the job done quickly and with superior labor and material cost savings, and the final result will be a durable, well-integrated, and sustainable structure that will serve community travelers for many years to come.

Get your bus station building project started today at

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