Building Better Community Centers In The US With Pre-Engineered Metal Systems

Jun 26, 2024

Get your neighborhood’s community center up and operational faster and with better cost-efficiencies when you choose Reich Construction LLC, (301-550-0540), full-service designers and erectors of pre-engineered steel buildings.

Are you looking at constructing a new community center for your region but you're not sure about your options? You'll find the solution in a pre-engineered metal community center built by Reich Construction LLC, experts in end-to-end design and construction services that ensure comprehensive quality control, better cost efficiencies, and faster timelines.

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As a certified Butler Builder with over 40 years of experience, Reich Construction LLC brings full-service, in-house budgeting, engineering, architectural, permitting and construction expertise to the table. If you're looking to improve civic infrastructure, this is the team to partner with.


Did you know 91% of Americans say access to local recreational and community centers enhances their communities? Who could disagree with that?

By investing in a pre-engineered metal building instead of conventional concrete structures, you can make the most of your budget while providing your community's residents with a versatile, weather-resistant, long-lasting facility. Few would disagree with that either!


Under the direction of architect and CEO Bruno Reich, Reich Construction LLC blends emerging prefab production trends in construction with the tenets of architectural craftsmanship to deliver structures that are both innovative, and enduring.

“Pre-engineered metal buildings are the ideal choice for community centers," says Reich. "They are incredibly durable, insulated to reduce energy costs, and require minimal maintenance."

Associates at Reich Construction LLC warn many companies selling metal buildings do not understand total project costs and often mislead their customers by making them think their only cost is the metal building package.

Reich Construction LLC ensures this does not happen to you.

They'll work closely with you and your board to ensure all critical points of your project are covered. They conduct extensive analyses according to CSI specification categories, while company designers and architects help you evaluate and budget for the proper grade of materials, various architectural finishes, roofing systems best suited to your project, and more.

The company’s engineers are experts at conducting methodical assessments of all building sites to prevent potential pitfalls, and their permitting staff ensure expedited government approvals of your project through precise documentation that meets local structural, zoning, and code requirements.


Reich Construction LLC is home to erection engineers who have been with the company for decades and are trained to the highest standards. Recently, the company renovated the Piney Orchard Ice Arena in Maryland, doubling the existing 22,000 sq. ft. facility using 100 ft. pre-engineered steel spans to create an open interior space with integrated HVAC, a refrigeration system, and super-insulated exterior shell.

Reich Construction LLC continues to provide innovative and efficient building solutions across a variety of sectors throughout the US. They look forward to putting their expertise to work for you, so you can deliver the customized, attractive, high-performance community center you envision.

Ready to break ground on a cost-efficient community center built to last? Let Reich Construction LLC turn your vision into reality—because your community deserves nothing short of the best. Learn more at

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