Chocolate? Butter & Sugar? Blue Lagoon? Breckenridge Crêpe Cart Has Everything

Oct 27, 2021

Ever wondered what a Strawberry Romanoff might taste like? Head to Crêpes a la Cart (970-771-3411) in Breckenridge, Colorado, for a mind-blowing selection of divine, piping-hot crêpes.

Liqueurs, fruits, and traditional spreads are offered in these exquisite crêpes.

In the lovely menu’s savory section, you can find a variety of items creatively and sometimes unexpectedly utilizing high-quality ingredients and flavors. For example, the romantically named Monte Cristo crêpe includes cheddar cheese, ham, chicken, honey Dijon, raspberry jam, and powdered sugar.

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The mouth-watering sweet section offers you traditional favorites, such as the Nutella crêpe, chocolate crêpe, and butter and sugar crêpe. If you’re looking to experiment, however, you can find a range of more unusual and exciting flavors. Included in this is the Blue Lagoon crêpe, composed of Nutella, blueberries, brown sugar, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. You’ll be licking your lips, wondering how such a thing could exist!

Crêpes are a beloved food around the world, capable of being enjoyed at all times of the day, and functioning both as main course and dessert. You probably know that crêpe carts are a staple feature of many modern cities. However, they often lack certain features that you might at times desire, such as seating and extended opening hours.

Crêpes à la Carte is prepared to serve you throughout the day and into the night, as well as to offer you indoor and outdoor seating. You can enjoy the benefits of a restaurant environment, rather than having to take your food away. There’s no need to shiver out in the cold like the crêpe craving, Montmartre-dwelling artists of old!

If you’re seeking breakfast, you can find varied and ingredient-rich options in the breakfast menu, each item featuring an individual selection of add-ons and substitutions. To ensure that your gastronomic experience is tailored completely to your liking, your main meal can be augmented by additional sides of eggs, banana, and strawberries, and whipped cream with the option of Nutella.

Crêpes à la Carte is a highly reputed, award-winning crepe cart established in the year 2000. The business has shown great flexibility and adaptation over time, experimenting with several locations and models. You can find the crêpe cart can be found at 307 South Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado.

A satisfied customer said: “This is a cute little crêpe stand with every type of sweet or savory crêpe to fit what you're craving. The menu was concise but filled with variety and add-on options, as well as a selection of drinks.”

From smoked salmon to flank steak, Crêpes à la Carte have it all. Bask in the glory of your old favorites, or branch out to discover new ones!

Have we got you salivating yet? Visit for crêpes beyond your wildest imaginings.

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