Cheshire East Basic WordPress Website Training: Improve SEO & User Experience

Feb 2, 2024

Improve your online presence with the self-paced WordPress website training by J-Lau Associates (0791-4692-817). The course is intended for businesswomen over 40 in Cheshire East.

Attention businesswomen! Are you currently struggling with poor website traffic – or worse, don’t have a website at all? If you’re serious about your business success, you need to have an attractive and converting website, but how do you make one? What hosting service do you use? What else do you need to know to make the website of your dreams?

That’s where this self-directed online course comes in. Check it out today at

Not your typical online training

J-Lau Associates offers basic WordPress website training for businesswomen over 40. The new self-directed online course features 9 modules, either in written, video, or audio format. It is intended for participants who have minimal to no digital presence. 

This course teaches you how to create your website from scratch. The team at J-Lau Associates explains that this is the most important aspect of any successful marketing strategy. Despite popular perception, word-of-mouth advertising is ineffective for startups to gain the necessary visibility and authority.

Instead, you must consider building a professional-looking website hosted on a secure platform like WordPress that reflects your unique identity and brand.

Gain the knowledge and skills you need

In J-Lau Associates’ self-paced program, you learn how to create an attractive WordPress website so that you can reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads.

You will likewise learn how to customize your website design. This includes understanding what plugins are, choosing the right tools for the website, and developing maintenance strategies for all website elements. The goal of the course is for you to not only build a website but also know how to manage it.

Other modules explain how to:

  • Optimize for search engines
  • Improve website visibility
  • Streamline website updates
  • Integrate social media
  • Secure your website

Basic WordPress training by trusted experts

J-Lau Associates is a family-run marketing business dedicated to helping others improve their online branding through easy-to-understand website training courses.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, "We've designed it specifically for business start-ups like you who want to learn how to harness the full potential of WordPress. Our course is not your typical online training. We provide a straightforward, easy-to-follow curriculum that you can complete at your own pace. By subscribing to our course, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to transform your website into a powerful tool that boosts your business growth."

Go to so you can learn more.

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