Charlotte, NC Luxury Dog Boarding & Daycare With Spacious Kennels & Play Areas

Apr 15, 2024

Parting with your furry baby can be stressful, even if it’s just for a few days. Animal People Dog Boarding & Day Care (980-272-6067) offers comfortable kennels, spacious play areas, and individual care for your dog, and peace of mind for you!

Many dog owners find themselves making sacrifices in terms of the length and frequency of their vacations due to concerns about the comfort and safety of their pets. It’s not easy to find a person or a facility you can trust! If you’re going on a vacation or a business trip for a few days and can’t take your furry friend with you, you have two options:

  • Choose dog sitting if you have more than one pet, or if your pet feels anxious in new spaces or around new people.
  • Dog boarding may be a more suitable option for a short trip for dogs who are well-socialized and easily adapt to new places. This would also work if your dog has already attended the facility for daycare. The main benefit is that they’ll never be alone, and will have the chance to socialize with other dogs.

Animal People Dog Boarding & Day Care understands the importance of a familiar routine for pets and offers both dog sitting in your home and personalized care at its 9,000-square-foot facility in Charlotte. Learn more about their services at

Animal People knows how much you’re worried about how your dog will feel, and answers all the questions you may have about overnight boarding at its facility.

Where will my dog sleep?

Three different sizes of kennels are available - 4x4, 4×6, and 5×8 - ensuring a comfortable stay and restful sleep for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and activity levels. Each kennel is equipped with a dog bed, a plush mattress, which is regularly cleaned, and a water bowl.

What will my dog do during the day?

With three indoor play yards and three turfed outdoor play yards, a splash pad, obstacle courses, and other activities, your pooch will have plenty of opportunities to exercise and socialize during the day. And you’ll even be able to watch them via webcam!

Will my dog get individual attention?

Absolutely! As a small, family-owned company, Animal People emphasizes that pet care is personalized and tailored to each dog's personality, age, and routine. The company keeps a ratio of no more than 10-15 dogs per staff member, allowing the team to give each pet individual attention.

Here’s what they say about their approach:

“Each dog is assessed constantly, and we make sure to prioritize their safety and comfort above all else. Sometimes this means the older dogs need more rest, more anxious dogs need a calmer environment, and the more hyper dogs need more playtime.”

Is their staff trained in first aid?

All team members are background-checked, insured, pet CPR & first aid certified, and trained in puppy and senior pet care. Also, they love dogs, and will do their best to make friends with your dog right away!

Do they offer training?

In addition to overnight boarding, Animal People Dog Boarding & Day Care also offers daycare, one-on-one and group training, dog walking, and pet sitting services for dogs, cats, and birds.

Overall, overnight boarding may be a stressful experience for both you and your dog, so it’s essential that you leave your furry baby with people you can trust. Animal People Dog Boarding & Day Care will give them all the love, care, and attention they deserve.

Learn more about their daycare and boarding services at

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