Certified Breathwork Coach Online Course Teaches Life-Changing Modality

Nov 3, 2023

Michael Stone and NeuroDynamic Institute’s popular certified breathwork coach course is coming back in 2024. Starting in March, enrolments are now open. Don’t miss out, enroll today!

If you are ready to discover a life-changing breathwork modality and want to join a global community of breathwork coaches, you want NeuroDynamic Institute!

The online breathwork institute has opened enrolments for the next session of their highly sought-after certified breathwork coach course, which will run from March to September next year. The NeuroDynamic Institute’s breathwork facilitator teacher training was designed by Michael Stone with the goal of teaching you his innovative NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality.     

Go to https://breathworkonline.com/breathwork-facilitator-teacher-training-program/ to find out more.

With as many as 10% of the population now using some form of breathwork, according to the latest research from Science Direct, Michael Stone knows that the benefits of breathwork are now well accepted and well established. What further distinguishes his NeuroDynamic Breathwork™, and what you will learn in NeuroDynamic Institute’s course, is how his science-based methodology can help you attain a higher sense of wisdom and conscious embodiment. 

The ‘Neuro’ in Stone’s NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ represents the fact that his unique modality is Nondirective, or self-guided, that it is focused on building Empowerment, shifting Unconscious blockages, and facilitating Release, and that it is a completely Organic practice; that is, one that uses only your breath and dynamic music. 

Across the course of NeuroDynamic Institute’s six-month online program, you will immerse yourself in this modality and see the benefits of this practice in your own life. You will learn through online Zoom sessions from Michael Stone himself, as well as from other breathwork experts. You will also complete over 350 hours of structured learning and - as you grow in your skills - conduct your own breathwork sessions in-person and online.  

As one of America’s leaders in science-based breathwork, NeuroDynamic Institute’s intensive breathwork facilitator teacher training is a certified course. As such, it is recommended to you whether you are looking for personal and family/community level change, or if you’re a mental health and wellness practitioner who is looking to expand the services you can offer your clients. 

A spokesperson for Michael Stone and NeuroDynamic Institute said, “Our breathwork facilitator training program is designed to help you become a more conscious and empowered being. Through this training, you’ll gain a greater capacity for compassion and love for yourself and others, leading to healing and personal growth. Not only will you be equipped to create a safe space and lead confident breathing sessions, but you’ll also be better equipped to navigate personal relationships and daily life. Join our breathwork training program and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.” 

If you haven’t yet discovered the world of NeuroDynamic Breathwork™, it’s time to join the thousands of people around the world who are using it to transform their lives and the lives of others.

Visit https://breathworkonline.com/breathwork-facilitator-teacher-training-program/ to enroll in the March 2024 session of their breathwork facilitator teacher training. Don’t wait, places are strictly limited.

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