Celebrate 50 Years Of Power Vehicles With This Nostalgia Drag Racing Muscle Car Legends Series From Quarter Mile Addiction

Jul 31, 2018

A new 50-year celebratory Muscle Car Legends range has been launched by Quarter Mile Addiction. The online store has a reputation for excellent drag racing apparel and accessories.

  • celebrate 50 years of power vehicles with this nostalgia drag racing muscle car
  • celebrate 50 years of power vehicles with this nostalgia drag racing muscle car
  • celebrate 50 years of power vehicles with this nostalgia drag racing muscle car

Quarter Mile Addiction has launched the first in a new Muscle Car Legend Series, featuring 5 legendary Dodge and Plymouth cars from 1968. These include the 1968 SS Barracuda, the ‘68 Plymouth Roadrunner, the ‘68 Dodge Coronet/Superbee, the ‘68 Dodge Charger, and the ‘68 SS Dart.

More information can be found at: https://www.quarter-mile-addiction.com/first-muscle-car-legend-series

The online store is known for its high quality drag racing themed T-shirts and accessories, and for keeping alive the spirit of classic drag racing memories and moments.

Quarter Mile Addiction has revived classic drag racing commercials and newspaper adverts on its range of apparel, T-shirts and mugs. Some of its most popular items include the 50 years 426 Hemi 1964 shirt, the Nostalgia Super Stock Drag Racing T-Shirt, and the Pro Stock Grand Slam Chevy Vega.

The new Muscle Car Legends series ensures that customers are able to celebrate the 1968 model year at the Mopar Nationals, Mopar Fest, Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, and NHRA US Nationals with a premium fit T-shirt, hoodie, poster, or phone case for their smart phone.

Quarter Mile Addiction’s collection is great for all customers, whether or not they’re going to one of the big four events to celebrate 50 years of high performance vehicles.

Those going to the events can show off the artwork with pride, while those staying home can wear their new items around the home with friends and family. The products are not available in stores anywhere in the country – they’re only available through the Quarter Mile Addiction online store.

Quarter Mile Addiction has a reputation for excellent customer service, and anyone ordering the new like of Muscle Car Legend items can expect their order to arrive within 3-5 business days. All products are proudly printed in the United States.

Full details on the T-shirts, hoodies and other items available can be found on the URL above.

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