Cataracts Surgery Options & Procedures In Eugene, OR For Sight Improvement

Sep 20, 2023

With Pacific ClearVision Institute (+1-541-343-5000), you can improve your clarity of vision with cutting-edge cataracts treatment.

With cataracts, surgery is the only option if you want to see more clearly again. Pacific ClearVision Institute offers the best treatment in Eugene.

The team will work with you to create a plan that fits your schedule and walk you through the options available. You'll be seeing more clearly in no time!

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Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque. This prevents light from properly passing through to the retina, resulting in blurred and impaired vision. While cataracts tend to form slowly over time, they eventually require treatment.

At Pacific ClearVision Institute, surgery is the recommended approach to remove cataracts. The natural lens in your eye is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens, restoring clarity and providing sharper vision.

"Your primary eye care provider can assess the degree of your cataracts and help you determine if there are options available to you to improve your sight, or if a surgical option may need to be explored," a clinic spokesperson explains. "Our doctors here will work closely with you and your primary eye care provider to help determine your visual goals and work out the best possible option."

If you're not a candidate for intraocular lens implants, Pacific ClearVision Institute offers alternative vision correction - with contact lenses or eyeglasses. With the proper prescription, impressive visual outcomes are still attainable.

The team explains that discomfort is common during the recovery period after cataract surgery. Most patients, however, report this disappears within two weeks post-operation. With diligent follow-up care, you can regain excellent sight. The professionals at Pacific ClearVision Institute work closely with you to ensure your comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

In addition to cataract treatment, Pacific ClearVision Institute provides a full range of advanced eye care services, including LASIK surgery, dry eye therapy, glaucoma management, and more. Experienced ophthalmologists utilize cutting-edge diagnostic technology and advanced surgical techniques to help you achieve the best results.

A spokesperson states: "At Pacific ClearVision we provide variable power and adjusting lenses which offer multiple focal lengths and more potential freedom from glasses to the cataract lens exchange patient."

If you're worried about your eyesight and want to check for cataracts or book a treatment, get in touch today!

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