Cardano Crypto Guide 2022 Ouroboros & Pavia Land NFT Metaverse Map ADA News Site

Mar 15, 2022

Change is afoot in the world of crypto. Get expert insight and commentary on Ethereum’s latest blockchain challenger with this free Cardano report.

Cardano Crypto Guide 2022 Ouroboros & Pavia Land NFT Metaverse Map ADA News Site

Get the lowdown on the latest threat to Ethereum's blockchain by reading the new report on Cardano's PoS from ADAwire.

ADAwire's latest launch takes an in-depth look at Ethereum killer Cardano and its rise to prominence as the world's first protocol to be built from the ground up as a Proof of Stake (PoS). Cardano represents a departure from Ethereum's model in that it is built around formal and peer-reviewed research. Read on to find out who's moving and shaking in the crypto world.

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The report discusses the history of the Cardano organization and explores its proprietary Ouroboros Praos protocol – a PoS consensus mechanism that sees stakeholders rather than miners update the company's ledger. Could you be one of the next key players?

While Bitcoin remains the dominant force in the crypto market, Ethereum is the world's second-most popular digital currency. The recent launch of its London hard fork, enabling mining based on one's coin ownership, saw Ethereum make further inroads into Bitcoin's market share. According to Forkast, Ethereum killers such as Cardano are now bidding for a larger share of the DeFi, NFT, and smart contract market.

ADAwire's report discusses the nature of the Cardano PoS mechanism, explaining how stakeholder election and block generation is decided by randomization. The likelihood of being selected is weighted according to how much ADA – Cardano's native currency – is held by a particular account.

Author Chris Munch explains how, if you're a stakeholder, you can combine resources to form stake pools – membership of which increases your chances of being selected by the Ouroboros algorithm. This trend towards staking preserves Cardano's goal of being the most decentralized system in the blockchain space while also conserving the energy consumed by power-heavy mining.

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Article author Chris Munch says, “ This is a general but complete overview of Cardano. Their core values and development philosophies are the result and answer to the past experiences of founder Charles Hoskinson with Ethereum. The result is a more systematic and disciplined approach.”

With the release of its new Cardano report, ADAwire continues to offer revealing analysis and education on the latest developments and trends in the cryptocurrency sector.

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