Capture Your Lifetime Memories With These Orinda CA Expert Creative Elder Carers

Sep 4, 2021

We at Elder Manage Care (630-638-1489) help Seniors in Orinda, CA record their life stories with our updated memoir writing services. We believe that everyone deserves to be heard and our creative writing packages give a voice to elderly patients wanting to speak. Your story deserves to be told. Let us help!

Your story deserves to be told.

But how do you put it all down, when you’ve never written before?

We can help you.

Continuing our mission of giving a voice to the voiceless, Elder Manage Care announces its improved creative writing services for the elderly. In particular, we help you write down your life story so that you will always be remembered by those who love you.

Check out now.

The updated memoir writing packages serve two purposes: recollection and preservation. You are empowered to remember your past and use your creativity to jot down your experiences. This helps keep your mind agile and nimble – and may even reignite former writing passions! 

In fact, many medical studies suggest that keeping creative as one gets older significantly reduces the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Neurologists explain that creative pursuits trigger several parts of the brain, giving it the necessary “exercise” it needs to remain fully functional.

Writing is a fun and easy way to be creative. It also keeps you busy, as you recall your life and what you’ve learned throughout the years.

To help more seniors release a professionally written and edited memoir, we’ve improved our creative writing services to simplify the proofreading process. We tailor our packages to suit your needs, whether it is simple editing, interviewing family and friends, or even ghost-writing.

We provide assistance with idea generation and outlining the flow of the memoir. The goal is to help you record your life story in the easiest way possible. And it’s super easy, we promise! Sometimes, we may even encourage you to just speak to a recorder and have it typed out by us instead, if that is easier for you.

We also help patients with other creative services, such as jewellery making, singing, piano, gardening, and landscaping, among others.

A grateful client wrote, “Putting my story down was not easy, their specialized writers and editors helped me shape 60 years into my own memoir. If your novel needs proofreading or professional editing and feedback, then you’re in the right place.”

Write your legacy today. Go to so you can learn more.


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