Captivate Yourself With This Popular Western Romance Paperback Book Series

Nov 12, 2020

Looking for a historical western romance novel to captivate you? The paperback version of western romance book series ‘Montana Westward Brides’ by Amelia Rose has been launched. Books 1-4 are now for sale online on Amazon.

Looking for a historical western romance novel to captivate you? If you answered ‘yes’, then this book series is for you!

Popular author Amelia Rose has launched the paperback version of her historical western romance book series ‘Montana Westward Brides’. The first four books of the series are now available for purchase from Amazon.

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The newly launched paperback book series examines the question of whether true love can triumph in the face of danger. The books follow the inspirational journeys of four brides towards a future of freedom and love while they attempt to outwit their past.

The first book in the series follows the marriage of Lucy Magee to Dr. Sam Slater. Although Lucy feels her marriage to Sam has finally brought the good fortune she longs for, a tragic death clouds her journey to meet him. Lucy’s bad luck continues as she begins receiving anonymous threats from someone trying to force them from the land. Lucy questions whether her love for Sam will be enough to get them through the storm or if she is destined for a life of misfortune.

Book two in the Montana Westward Brides series tells the story of Martha Walters. Martha has left the brothel behind her and is now a mail-order bride of a gentle farmer Gray Jenkins. The couple falls head over heels in love but a dark enemy from Martha’s past threatens the couple’s shot at happiness.

Amelia Rose’s third book in the series follows the marriage of ranch hand Eddie Murtaugh to Fiona Wilkins, who is from an upper-class family. Fiona has replied to Eddie’s listing for a mail-order bride, but her father plans to auction her to a man she detests. The novel follows Fiona’s perilous attempt to escape Montana and travel to Eddie.

Book four in the series tells the story of the marriage of Sheriff Josh Ryder to Emily Middleton, who seeks a life of high society. Despite Josh’s charm and good looks, Emily wonders whether her fresh start really is the future that she dreamed of.

You can get more information about the book series or purchase it online by visiting the website listed above.

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