Canada Black Quilted Reversible Bomber Coat Jackets Women Frank And Oak

May 25, 2022

Eco-friendly fashion brand based out of Montreal, Frank And Oak, launches their skyline women’s black reversible bomber coat in Canada. There is also a green version of the skyline reversible bomber jacket for women.

Canada Black Quilted Reversible Bomber Coat Jackets Women Frank And Oak

Ever since the company was launched in 2012 in Montreal, Frank And Oak have been consistent in trying to develop an apparel brand that would be considered as one of a kind by both creatives and entrepreneurs. Their first clothing store at the Mile End in Montreal soon became a favourite after it was started, and ultimately, the company was able to establish a reputation of being one of the leading lifestyle brands and online retailers in Canada. At the present time, the company has earned a certification as a B Corp, which means they are pioneers in the sustainable fashion market due to their use of innovative fabrics constructed from natural materials to create thoughtfully designed fashion wear that enable people to enjoy more, feel good in everything they wear, live better. Currently, 75 percent of the apparel they have developed are made from sustainably processed and eco-friendly materials.

In 2019, Frank And Oak committed to a number of environmentally friendly goals that they expected to achieve in 2022. The first goal was to completely remove virgin plastics from their supply chain. The second goal was to completely offset their greenhouse gas emissions. The third goal was to improve on their use of renewable energies. Their fourth goal was to have a community spirit with a zero-waste philosophy. Sadly, the pandemic had impacted their plans but they have recently reported on what they have achieved so far. For instance, they have attained their first goal and this is proven by the fact that all of the tags used on their products are fabricated from biodegradable sugarcane paper and then printed with soy-based ink Furthermore, 78 percent of their products are made with organic, biodegradable, certified low-impact, cruelty-free, and recycled fibres.

Those who would like to learn more about the environmentally-friendly apparel from Frank And Oak can go to their website, or contact them via telephone or email. Meanwhile, there is also a black version of the Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket for Women and more info about this can be found at

Frank And Oak, an apparel company in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has recently introduced their Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket for Women in green and two other colours, which are black and cappuccino. The jacket is available in the usual range of sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Readers can view the green variant of the bomber jacket by heading over to the link:

And in agreement with the company’s focus on offering sustainably processed apparel, this jacket’s lining is fabricated using recycled fibres. Furthermore, the label is also made from recycled polyester and it is also provided with NATULON® zipper tapes that are made from recycled materials sourced from PET, PBT, and POM plastics, by utilising a chemical process designed to facilitate further recycling. This bomber jacket for women also has a Cire finish for better fabric protection. It has been provided with a ribbed collar and cuffs and it is fully machine washable so that the user need not waste trips going to the dry-cleaners.

This Bomber Jacket for Women has also been made water-resistant by using a kind of dense fabric that resists water penetration up to a certain degree. This is a reversible jacket and may therefore be worn inside-out or outside-in. One side has a quilted texture with diamond shapes with two welt side pockets with zipper closure while the other side of this jacket is smooth and has two lower seam pockets on each side. This Skyline bomber jacket has been environmentally friendly by using recycled polyester obtained from discarded materials, specifically the recycled PET bottle blend and Thermore® Ecodown® insulation. The Thermore® Insulation is 100% manufactured from recycled fibres obtained from PET post-consumer bottles.

As previously announced, this jacket for women has been noted to be 57 percent recycled polyester and 43 percent polyester. It is also wind-resistant to ensure the user is sheltered adequately from strong winds. The product of many years of research have been applied to this Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket for Women to optimize layering and help the jacket become stronger in withstanding harsh weather conditions. In addition, it is compatible with Smart-Layer topcoats due to the company’s popular snap system.

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