Can You Mountain Bike After 60? Find Out In Guide About Trail Riding for Seniors

Mar 20, 2024

Who said you’re too old for mountain biking? Not Bike Astra! On their website, you can find a detailed guide on how to be safe and have fun on the trails!

Are You Too Old for Mountain Biking?

Are you over 60 and miss the days when you could explore rocky trails on a mountain bike? Or are you a senior thinking that trail riding would be a fun way to exercise but feel like you're too old to start now? Then, Bike Astra has the perfect guide for you! In it, you'll learn that, whatever people say, you're not too old for mountain biking and what you can do to make it safe for your age. 

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In the new guide, you can find valuable information about what to think about before getting out on the trails. It covers everything from how to choose a bike to mental preparation tips. 

Making Mountain Biking Senior-Friendly 

While mountain biking is generally viewed as a sport for the younger generation, with the many risks and high speed, there are ways to adapt trail riding to make it into a senior-friendly hobby. By providing a detailed guide on elderly trail riding, Bike Astra wants to encourage more seniors to explore nature by bike.

Gear and Bike Options You Should Consider in Your 60s

As Bike Astra points out, many seniors shy away from mountain biking due to experiencing a lack of strength and stamina as they age. A relatively new product that solves this issue is electric mountain bikes. With an E-MTB, you can keep up with younger riders, prolong the rides, and go on more trails that are too challenging without the extra help. 

The guide also explains the importance of choosing the right gear for safety and comfort. The list of basic gear includes

  • a helmet made for trail riding
  • gloves for grip and to protect the hands from vibrations
  • eye protection
  • padded shorts
  • a backpack with a water bladder

Other Tips to Trail Ride as a Senior

In Bike Astra's guide, you can also find information about mental strategies to prepare, strengthening exercises, how to pick the right path, injury prevention, and more. It emphasizes the importance of adapting riding styles to your age to stay safe and encourages you to enjoy yourself on the trail without compromising your well-being.

About Bike Astra

Bike Astra is an online resource for senior mountain biking and provides older bike riders with everything from gear reviews to inspirational stories. The website has information for beginners and experienced mountain bikers, aiming to equip readers with the information they need for trail adventures.

"We believe that age should never be a barrier to adventure, and cycling is a fantastic way to stay active, healthy, and connected with nature," a spokesperson for the company said.

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