Camden, NJ: Local Movers Offer Practical Summer Apartment Moving Strategies

Sep 19, 2023

Are you planning a move right now? Read this guide first to find out when the best time to move is, why, and how you can save a ton of money on movers. It’s easy with, the free online resource that helps you plan.

If I asked you when the best time to move to a new apartment is, you would say, "summer," right?

Most folks would, and that makes sense - nobody wants to carry boxes through the snow and slush. However, in reality, it's not quite so simple.

Sure, the summer has a lot of advantages, but did you know that up to 70% of moves are scheduled around the summer months of May and September?

That means that there's never a busier time for moving crews, so if you want to move during the high heat, you need to plan ahead. This free guide from can help (just click here to read it,) by explaining everything you need to know about moving in any season.

It breaks down all the benefits and drawbacks of moving in the summer so that you can decide if it's the right fit for you. More importantly, though, it discusses a bunch of professional strategies that can help you to beat the heat, snow, or rain, with a little advanced planning.

The guide explains that most people tend to move during the summer, because it allows them to move during nicer weather, and often with assistance from their school-age children, or young adults gone off to college, that are now on summer vacation. However, while the longer days do provide more hours of sunlight for moving, and more willing helpers, the guide highlights some of the less obvious drawbacks you may not have noticed.

Whether or not you've already noticed likely depends on how far you've gotten in your planning, because the most important factor when organizing a summer move, according to, is getting started early. The guide provides a short list of key steps that should be handled in advance, to make the process easier on moving day.

For example, this is very important, scheduling a pre-screened moving crew long before the move, to ensure that one is available at the proper date and time. Remember, with up to 70% of moves happening during these months, the moving crews are going to be super busy.

The only way you can get a top-notch crew, with enough time to do the job right, is either by planning well in advance or by paying some serious top dollar - and of course it's always better to plan in advance than pay more for the same services.

But, there's good news too. can help you find a top-notch moving crew in your area, and lock in an affordable rate for your next move.

Here's how it works - just head over to their website by clicking here, and look for the big green button that says "Get Quotes." Click it, and you're halfway done already.

It will take you to a quote request form, which you can fill in with a few basic details about your move. will send those details to several pre-screened local crews, and you'll get back up to 7 rate quotes, absolutely free, with no obligation.

Not bad, right?

Two minutes reading a free guide, and another two minutes filling out an easy form isn't too much work, considering how much money you can save.

But hey, that's up to you. I just wanted to let you know, you've got options, and is a free resource that can help.

If that's something you're interested in, just click here to read the full free guide, or to get your free quotes from local crews.

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