Call Emergency Fort Mill Plumbers For Drain Unclogging & Pipe Leak Inspections

Dec 24, 2022

Full Spectrum Plumbing (803) 902-3732 is offering its talents to the wonderful residents of Fort Mill. If you live in Fort Mill and are sick and tired of trying to unclog your drains, let the experts take care of it for you.

Call Emergency Fort Mill Plumbers For Drain Unclogging & Pipe Leak Inspections

Full Spectrum Plumbing has provided counties all over South Carolina with all of their plumbing needs for over 20 years. Now, Fort Mill residents can enjoy the professionalism and expertise of South Carolina's premier plumbing service.

If you have clogged drains, standing water issues, or any other plumbing-related problem, visit

The family-owned business is helping Fort Mill residential and commercial property owners maintain their home or business plumbing systems in top shape. If you've tried using hot water, baking soda, or vinegar and you still have drainage issues, it's time to contact Full Spectrum Plumbing before you have a serious mess on your hands.

And if you're thinking about using a liquid drain cleaner, don't. The experienced plumbers at Full Spectrum caution against them, due to their highly corrosive chemical properties. They are so corrosive that they can actually damage your pipes, causing you to have to replace them in the future. These liquid cleaners, according to the Full Spectrum Plumbing team, are a temporary fix, as they leave a buildup of residue because they do not actually clean the drain like an experienced plumber would.

After clearing clogged drains, Full Spectrum Plumbing can also conduct routine pipe checks, which will prevent clogs and leaks from occurring in the first place and thus extend the life of existing pipes. The company offers an annual maintenance plan that includes routine maintenance services such as leak checks, fixture replacements, and drain flow testing.

Having a plumbing system regularly inspected allows for early detection and helps prevent potentially expensive repairs and plumbing emergencies.

Whether a drain is clogged, a water line is leaking or a new water heater needs to be installed, the team is now available to Fort Mill residents.

A satisfied client said “Prompt, efficient, and friendly. Would highly recommend. From the initial phone conversation to the work completed, I was extremely satisfied.”

Don't take your chances with liquid cleaners. It's much cheaper to call a plumber now than to replace your pipes later.

Schedule an appointment today before it's too late! Visit

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