Calgary Home Business & Industrial Epoxy & Polyurethane Concrete Floor Coatings & Uneven Surface Campaign Launched

Jul 31, 2018

Homeowners, businesses and industrial groups seeking to repair or restore their concrete flooring can no take advantage of JKO Coatings cost-effective recently launched Concrete Repair Campaign.

  • calgary home business amp industrial epoxy amp polyurethane concrete floor coati
  • calgary home business amp industrial epoxy amp polyurethane concrete floor coati
  • calgary home business amp industrial epoxy amp polyurethane concrete floor coati

Calgary-based concrete restoration and repair contractor, JKO Coatings and services, has launched their garage floor restoration solution. Focused on garage floor resurfacing, garage epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, concrete overlays and floor leveling, JKO Coatings concrete repair solutions withstands the test of time and comes with a guarantee against failure.

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Recently launched, the Concrete Repair Solution is ideal for both residential garages, airport hangar floor coatings and commercial warehouse flooring, as well as industrial warehouse areas. Offering a range of concrete restoration and resurfacing options, JKO Coatings recommend the right solution to match their client needs after their professionals assess the area and discuss options.

Highly skilled and accredited, the JKO Coatings team can repair a range of concrete flooring issues. To transform floors, the team use a number of products such as epoxy 2301 which is a two-part component that cures slowly but bond hard, and it’s tougher than concrete.

Polyaspartic coatings which can be installed in either clear or pigmented form is recommended because of it's high abrasion and chemical resistance. Overall, Polyaspartic performs higher and it’s faster to install and cures faster too.

Polyurethane, which is a quick drying and moderately affordable solutions for flooring problems such as cracking, uneven surfaces and crumbling edges.

By offering a complimentary appraisal, the concrete repair campaign enables homeowners, businesses and industrial groups to have their concrete reviewed before committing to restoration. This strategy also means that anyone receiving an appraisal can also effectively manage their budget and timeframe for renovation. Plus, it gives businesses and industrial groups the time needed to discuss funding with a board of directors, the CEO, and financial officers.

As a reputable Calgary contractor, JKO Coatings and Services have a proven local track record. As such, the team strive to create a positive client experience by offering fast, efficient service with guaranteed results

When asked about the JKO Coatings and services, one customer said, “This company goes above and beyond, Their quality of workmanship is excellent and they fix concrete problems fast and reliable.”

To learn more about JKO Coatings, call 587 317 5702 or visit the link above. Site visitors can learn more about the services that JKO Coatings offer.

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