Buy The Best Potato Cutter With Finger Protection For Safe Food Preparation

Feb 6, 2023

Keep fingers out of your dauphinoise with this safe potato-slicing gadget from Sammy Champ Store.

Buy The Best Potato Cutter With Finger Protection For Safe Food Preparation

Do you want to cut perfectly even, thin, and consistent potato slices like a pro without losing a finger?

Alongside removing avocado stones and carving pumpkins, accidental cuts from knife slips while slicing potatoes account for thousands of trips to ER every year.

Thankfully, this clever kitchen gadget will keep your fingers safe and effortlessly slice potato chips so perfectly that they would leave the Michelin inspector in awe!

The accident-free potato slicer is simple to use and on sale right now, check it out at!/Multi-Slicing-Outcome-Potato-Slicer-With-Grip-Assistant/p/527104039/category=144940301

The Multi-Slicing Outcome Potato Slicer With Grip Assistant cuts potatoes into chef-level thin and uniform slices or crisps. Its safety guard and grip assistant features prevent accidental injuries to your hands and fingers.

The utensil also enables you to cut potatoes quickly with minimal effort and produces little waste. It's particularly helpful for busy households and those who need to cut large quantities of potatoes.

According to a US Product Safety Commission - NEISS report, cuts and lacerations from kitchen knives led to approximately 322,000 ER visits in 2017. Most injuries were sustained to fingers while cutting or trimming food.

Sammy Champ Store’s grip-assistant slicer has been designed with home kitchen injury prevention in mind. “Not only does our slicer slice the potato into crisp, evenly sized pieces, but it also cuts through the potato without accidentally cutting your fingers. This is a huge benefit, especially when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to be careful,” said a company representative.

To use the product, you should first hold the grip assistant in your hand. The potato can then be placed onto the mandoline-style cutter and sliced downwards using even strokes and consistent pressure.

Made from lightweight stainless steel, the slicer is easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. The potato cutter’s dimensions are 34cm x 10cm, and the grip assistant measures 13cm x 10.5cm. The product cuts multiple holes in potato slices creating a lattice effect.

Sammy Champ Store offers a variety of carefully researched and curated products spanning homeware to made-to-order fashion, and more. The company’s gadgets are selected for their unique and functional value to customers.

A company spokesperson said: “Our team has scoured the globe to bring you the best of the best - products that are not only rare and hard to find, but also incredibly useful and innovative. These are the kinds of products that you never knew you needed until you saw them, and once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.”

For perfect potato slices that don’t cost a finger, visit Sammy Champ Store today!

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