Buy The Best Katana Sword Forged By Traditional Japanese Master Crafters

Oct 11, 2021

If you’re on the market for a katana sword but are overwhelmed by the options, Katana Sword Reviews has launched a new buyer’s guide report to help you find the best blade.

Whether you are a katana enthusiast, a collector, or a practitioner of martial arts, a sword is an important investment. While there is more choice than ever of places to buy one, there is also less clarity than ever about which of those places represents true quality. That is, until now. 

Katana Sword Reviews’ new report has been carefully researched to provide interested katana sword owners, like yourself, with comprehensive price comparisons for US and international retailers. 

Go to to find out more. 

The launch of the comparative report comes as more and more local and international vendors sell the popular sword. With this increase in supply, particularly thanks to online retailers, it is more challenging than ever for you to understand the difference between the various offerings and to clarify value for money. 

As such, Katana Sword Reviews is utilizing their expert knowledge of the sword, its history and contemporary craftsmanship to offer you a set of recommendations, whatever your budget.

Given that authentic historical katana swords routinely sell for in excess of $10,000USD, and are best reserved for decorative purposes only, the platform provides you with links to manufacturers who are still using old forging methods to craft beautiful, handmade modern blades at a much more affordable price.

If you have a higher budget, the report recommends a Tamahagane blade. These swords are forged using the traditional Japanese methodology. This laborious process takes approximately two months and ensures you a blade of unmatched polish, durability, sharpness, and aesthetics.  

If you have less to spend, but you still want to purchase an authentic item of a high caliber, you are directed towards Hanwei’s Tori Elite, which typically retails for less than $1,000USD. The sword boasts impressive lightness and is composed of ASSAB K120 C Swedish steel, which is renowned for its purity. 

The report features advice for potential buyers who are interested in katana swords as a part of their martial arts training and practice. It also includes insights for collectors and historical and cultural enthusiasts.     

Katana Sword Reviews was founded by a passionate katana user and collector from Chicago, Illinois. 

The platform includes advice on purchasing, cleaning and maintaining the swords, and ordering custom blades. It also teaches you about the history of the katana and the legendary samurai. 

A spokesperson for the platform said, “I created this site so that others weren’t as lost in the abyss as I was when it came to looking to buy a katana. Through extensive research and road testing of merchants and blades I can help you cut through the clutter and find a good place to buy a sword.” 

Don’t get lost in the online abyss. Instead, find clarity and direction for your katana purchase thanks to Katana Sword Reviews. 

Go to to find out which sword is for you. 

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