Buy Greek God NFTs With Unique Zeus Designs To Stack HODL Perks & Web3 Rewards

Apr 4, 2024

When you join the Greek Mythology Club, you get up to bi-weekly perks ranging from Ethereum payouts to luxury travel opportunities. Get started today!

Psst – if you’re an NFT collector, or you’re just interested in the crypto and web3 space, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. With Greek Mythology Club, you can collect Greek gods – ranging from Zeus to Poseidon – and even get up to bi-weekly rewards!

Want to get involved? Head over to and mint your first NFT!

A community you actually want to join

The Greek Mythology Club, or G.M.C. for short, has been created as a direct alternative to some of the recent scam opportunities that the NFT space has seen, which has led to infamous rug pulls and ’pump-and-dump’ schemes where investors lost their money. The group aims to create a safe space for you to learn more about web3 and improve your knowledge around investing while building a unique NFT collection.

Each Greek god NFT in the collection has a randomized background, and unique hand items, headgear, and other elements such as robes and eye color. Once the initial Greek god collection is complete, it will be followed by the introduction of Greek goddesses and, finally, mythical creatures - a phased-release strategy that ensures a steady supply of NFTs, catering to the growing demand within the community.

Hold your assets for the long term

The Greek Mythology Club encourages long-term asset holding, offering a comprehensive system of stackable ‘HODL’ perks. If you maintain your NFT holdings, you can benefit from up to bi-weekly Ethereum payments and more, starting with the Fish Club tier for holding a single NFT.

As you progress through the tiers, ranging from the Dolphin Club to the exclusive Kraken Club, you unlock increasingly valuable rewards. You may have the opportunity to operate branded e-commerce stores, gain access to Airbnb travel opportunities, and receive priority access to future NFT mints.

Be part of a supportive team

Brendon Parker, one of the G.M.C. founders, states: “We are a team of Greek gods, goddesses and mythical creatures that will help bring only worthy mortals from planet Earth to Mount Olympus rewards. Many rewards will be given to the mortals that embark on this mission of hodling and participation.”

Greek Mythology Club is the ideal community for NFT enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Check out to start building your collection!

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