Businesses In Houston, TX Are Meeting To Discuss The Impact Of President Trump And Identify Strategies To Take Maximum Advantage Of His Policies.

Jan 18, 2017

Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States will bring unique challenges and opportunities for American businesses. Ionji Consulting Houston is holding a conference of business leaders in the city to discuss the new business environment and identify strategies to benefit from it. A limited number of free places are still available.

  • businesses in houston tx are meeting to discuss the impact of president trump an
  • businesses in houston tx are meeting to discuss the impact of president trump an

With the inauguration of President Trump the political and business landscape in America will change. Business leaders in Houston will discuss both the challenges and opportunities the presidency will bring at a conference organised by business strategy advisors Ionji Consulting. The symposium, titled "Donald Trump: What Opportunities And Challenges Will His Presidency Bring?" will be held in the offices of Ionji Consulting on January 27.

Ionji consulting are experienced business advisors with a track record advising industry leaders in matters such as Organisational Management and Strategy Planning. After getting many enquiries from existing clients, they decided to organise the meeting as an opportunity for business leaders to discuss the implications of President Trump's policies.

"This is a unique way for leaders of business both large and small to discuss the opportunities and challenges that a Donald Trump presidency is sure to bring to businesses," said Ionji consulting CEO Fred Melenchuk. "Our clients were all asking the same questions and we felt that being able to discuss this with each other will be a good way to both identify points neither they nor we may have thought of on their own."

The meeting will address three key areas:

The Opportunities In President Trump's Policies – Where will the opportunities arise?

The Challenges of President Trump – What challenges will Donald Trump bring?

Taking Advantage Of Both Opportunities and Challenges. – Helping attendees develop a good strategy for their business based on the insights gathered during the first two sessions.

According to Fred Melenchuk the conference will be informal and designed to foster interaction among those attending. "While the actual politics will be left at the door we want to ensure that there is a lively discussion focused on the three points of challenges, opportunities and strategy. The wide range of attendees and the businesses they represent will help to provide a good mix of insight and we expect all participants to leave with a good range of robust business strategies for any occurrence."

The conference will be held on January 27 at Ionji Consulting's Houston Offices on 7056 Old Katy Road. A limited number of free places are still available.

A summary report may also be made available at a later date.

Those interested in attending or receiving a copy of the report can contact Fred Melenchuk on (832) 981 5351 or [email protected].

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