Burlington, NC Practice Offers Advanced Implant Dentistry For Missing Teeth

Apr 8, 2024

Are you in need of getting a tooth or two replaced? Look no further than Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry (336-228-7576). Here, you’ll get the most advanced services with top-quality customer care. Call them today, and enjoy the benefits of a life-changing smile.

With missing teeth, there's missing confidence, and no one wants that. What's more, other factors come into play when someone has a missing tooth: the surrounding teeth shifting, bite changes, faster wear on the remaining teeth, and myriad others. That's why you must get it replaced as soon as possible — the longer you wait, the bigger the problem can become.

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Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provides advanced dental solutions using top-of-the-line technologies to correct the issue of missing teeth and mitigate its related effects. Their dental implant service is provided within a personalized treatment plan developed after a comprehensive evaluation, whether for one tooth, several, or a full set of teeth.

Getting To The Root Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that almost perfectly resemble natural teeth. The most common type, the endosteal implant, consists of a tiny screw post called the root, which is often comprised of a biologically friendly metal like titanium. As the jaw develops around the implant, the titanium can attract bone cells and provide additional support. The metal screw serves as a permanent replacement for the root of the missing tooth by simulating its function. It's surgically placed into the jawbone to support a crown, bridge, or denture, Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry explains.

In addition to endosteal implants, the practice also performs subperiosteal implants. This type of dental implant is unique in that it sits above the jawbone and below the gum line, and entails making a metal framework specifically designed to fit over the jawbone and then affixing prosthetic teeth to it. This kind of implant is ideal for those whose jawbone density is insufficient to sustain standard implants, the practice says.

Dental Implants: From Start To Dazzling Smile

Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry performs several types of dental implants, including single, mini, all-on-4, multi-tooth, and full-mouth implants. The process begins with a detailed assessment to determine if a dental implant is suitable for you and check the condition of your jaw bone: for instance, whether the region needs a bone graph to build it up because it's too thin to hold an implant adequately. During this evaluation, the dentist will also decide which kind of implant is suited for you and create a personalized treatment plan that includes taking x-rays and making exact copies of your teeth.

Once the dental implant procedure has been completed, under local anesthesia, it usually takes three to six months to heal — a period that entails the implant fusing with the jawbone to create a solid foundation for the prosthetic. After this, with the use of a special connector known as an abutment to help connect the implant and the artificial tooth, the dentist will complete the procedure, affixing a specially crafted artificial tooth to the abutment.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, led by Dr. Thomas W. Monahan, caters to patients in Burlington, N.C. Their other offerings range from routine care and pediatrics to preventive care and full-mouth reconstruction. The team also provides emergency services and offers various payment options so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.

“I received a crown, and the experience was excellent as always. This is such a well-run practice. Dr. Monahan is highly skilled, incorporates the latest technology, and explains everything he is doing and why. His staff is also very friendly, capable, and efficient. If you need a rock-solid dentist, Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is a superb choice,” a satisfied patient shared.

Ready to restore your smile and regain your confidence? Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is waiting to hear from you! They're truly committed to delivering top-notch dental care and service! Go ahead and visit https://monahanfamilydentistry.com/restorative-dentistry/dental-implants and find out why they're one of Burlington's best!

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