Build Your Holistic Practice With This Quantum Healing Home Learning Course

Jan 11, 2021

Bridge To Mastery Institute has launched a new energy healing program. The Quantum Healing Course takes place over two semesters and includes a retreat.

Join a thriving spiritual community and take your Quantum Healing skills to the next level with the Quantum Healing Certification Program from the Bridge To Mastery Institute!

Bridge To Mastery Institute, a company that specializes in energy healing courses, has launched a Quantum Healing Certification Program.

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The newly launched program is now open for enrolment and is ideally suited to holistic practitioners who wish to start or build on a career in energy medicine and reach the next level of healing mastery.

Students who enroll will receive a home learning course that is broken into two semesters. Each semester lasts six months and will provide teaching through a number of mediums.

You will learn through home learning lessons, one-to-one personal healing sessions, and live retreats, and will be supported by a vibrant spiritual community.

During the results-orientated program, you will receive online video lessons and worksheets, which you can work through at your own pace.

These resources will cover topics such as ancient and new Quantum healing facilitation, vibrational medical protocols, tools for accelerated personal healing, and more.

The launch will also include one-to-one quantum healing and coaching sessions once a month to support you in the process, and live learning with the spiritual community through bi-weekly conference calls.

As part of the launch, each student will learn how to integrate their higher healing energy with methods they are already practicing in order to improve their results and ability to support positive transformation in their clients.

The course comprises both left and right brain learning and will help you to tap into your innate master healer, learn Quantum Healing methods, bring resolution and healing to unresolved emotional wounds, and gain leadership skills to grow your business while making new friends on the course.

The recently launched course also offers optional learning areas, which including learning advanced methods of microcurrent and light therapies, education-based marketing and conscious client attraction, and 24-7 access to guided meditations, esoteric practices, webinar recordings, and more.

Judith Hazelett, a former student of the course says, “Both the Bridge to Mastery home learning program and retreat provided me with concrete experience of how to increase my healing abilities through a deeper understanding of the quantum field and what a valuable part it plays in both the abilities of the healer to facilitate a healing experience and the ability of the patient to receive the healing frequencies.”

Interested parties can fill out a member application form or request further program tuition details via the website.

Bridge To Mastery Institute is a company that provides transformative educational programs for holistic practitioners and health professionals that focus on areas such as consciousness and energy healing.

Are you ready to take your energy healing skills to the next level?

Go to the URL above for more information on the company or the launch of their new program.

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