Build Muscle Strength Continuously With PPL Hypertrophy Training Split Tips!

Jun 22, 2024

Are you ready to show off your toned physique this season? The folks at Fitness Fahrenheit explain how you can maximize workout results with PPL hypertrophy training exercises.

Whether you're headed to the beach, lakeside, or your local pool - you want to show off your hot body! With the handy guide to PPL exercises from Fitness Fahrenheit, you'll be turning heads in no time.

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The exercise guide is designed for anyone who loves the gym, as well as athletes and weightlifters who are ready to access the power of the push-pull-legs (PPL) technique for muscle hypertrophy.

Tone Your Body

As summer approaches, Fitness Fahrenheit’s ongoing blog series helps you get the most out of your body, whether you're a newbie starting on a fitness journey, a dedicated health enthusiast, or just looking to improve your well-being.

A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows that hypertrophy-oriented resistance training can be an effective way to develop strength and stimulate muscle development. In their newest guide, the team at Fitness Fahrenheit explores the potential of the PPL technique.

Build Muscle

“With years of experience in the fitness industry, our team of experts brings you a wealth of knowledge and expertise,” says a spokesperson. “If you want to be stronger, build muscle, and look good, our guide to the PPL training split can help.”

The guide explains how the exercise works, noting that it effectively amounts to a weekly workout schedule. On “push” days, the focus is on pushing type gym exercises for your chest, shoulders or triceps, while back muscles, biceps and others get attention on “pull” days.” Finally, leg days focus on your lower body.

You can find a sample itinerary for a typical PPL week, with six days of activity and one rest day mid-week. The team notes that schedules can be flexible and should always take recovery needs and individual physiologies into account.

Access Expert Tips

If you're interested in progressive overload techniques, you can also find methods and tips, such as using slightly heavier weights in each workout, adding sets of repetitions, and sitting for a shorter time between sets in order to increase intensity.

Various types of useful tools and trackers are covered in the guide, such as a workout log with all exercises, weights, and reps done as well as sets. You can also learn about different types of fitness apps and wearable technology, which can perform many useful functions and even give feedback on health metrics.

Start toning up today with the guide from Fitness Fahrenheit!

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