Buckhorn Outdoor Products Offers The Higher Level Climbing Treestand

Mar 2, 2017

Buckhorn Outdoor Products, LLC. offers the Higher Level climbing treestand to hunters around the nation. For more information, please visit http://www.buckhornoutdoorproducts.com/​.

There are many hunters who highly value the quality and performance of the Higher Level climbing treestand from Buckhorn Outdoor Products, LLC. One such positive review can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/bT5smrdVWrg. In this video, the speaker discusses the extra recliner/armrest that can be adjusted backward and forward to meet one's level of comfort. The back swivels and the seat moves to face in or out. There is an extra pad to attach to the tree that can be switched up depending on changes with the wind or if the prey approaches. The Higher Level features a Double Locking System which slides into place and locks when the dial is turned. The Higher Level is very difficult to slip out from. The backrest can be utilized as a shooting rest, as well, increasing the versatility of this amazing treestand. The arm can come forward to raise the height of the backrest.

The Higher Level model includes sound dampening for when a hunter moves through the woods. The teeth grab well, assuring a hunter's adherence to the tree. The Higher Level also has a stabilizing system that tightens the entire device so that the hunter will not slip or fall out. The man giving the review did not feel the need to wear a body harness, although using one is always prudent. Simply put, the Higher Level increases the heights that one can reach on the tree, enabling the user to kill more game.

Others have called the Higher Level a phenomenal product, small and compact. This climbing treestand has super strong cables that can be let out or drawn in, adjusting to significant changes in the width of the tree. The Higher Level offers hand-cranks on both the bottom and top sections. It is an extremely comfortable treestand that includes great foam and padding. Life-saving stabilizer straps come standard with this design, and they are secured by extra sturdy alligator clips. For the best in treestand hunting experiences, please try the Higher Level from Buckhorn Outdoor Products, LLC. found at http://www.buckhornoutdoorproducts.com/.

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