Bronx Family Home Local Movers: Get Couch-Moving Tips & Tricks To Save Money

Aug 15, 2023

Want to do a DIY couch move without breaking your back or the bank? offers tips and tricks to help you maneuver your heavy furniture easily and successfully out of your family house and into your new forever home.

It may seem impossible to get your couch out of your family home without squishing your fingers or chipping paint off the wall - but the moving experts at are here to let you know that there *is* a way!

Their guide helps you take account of all the factors involved in moving a couch by yourself, rather than relying on the services of a moving company. You can save money by transporting your couch yourself, of course, but you should also determine if doing so is worth the time and effort you could save with the services of professional movers.

The new article will help you weigh the pros and cons of couch moving, as well as take you step by step through the process. You'll learn how to disassemble and safeguard your couch before packing it, the proper moving equipment to use, the best moving tips for heavy couches and bulky sofas, and how to move your sofa across a small doorway.

If you're moving out of a family home in a heavily populated area like the Bronx, NY, you should be especially watchful to avoid damage to your heavy furniture items. Before packing your couch, you should detach all its removable parts - like cushions and armrests - so the couch is compact enough to pass through hallways and doorways on moving day.

Moving heavy furniture without professional help can be dangerous, so the article stresses the use of proper equipment, like furniture dollies, furniture sliders, and moving straps. You and your family members can help each other, and you can enlist your friends and neighbors to help lift and transport your heavy items, too.


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After you've read's couch-moving guide, you should have a pretty good idea of the steps you need to take to get yours out of your family home and into your new one, with fingers and joints unscathed. Sofa, so good!

But if you still think you'll want to hire some professional help on the big day, can offer you some help there, too. If you want to get complimentary quotes from companies in or near your location, visit

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