Brisbane Studio Offers Primal Movement Training To Build Physical Strength!

Feb 26, 2024

Ready to get fit and strong this year? PrimalThenics Studio, based in Newmarket, Brisbane, offers in-depth fitness coaching alongside primal combat sessions and warrior strength training to help you uncover your physical potential.

If you're feeling like an unmotivated, lazy blob - it's time for a huge change!

Why not make this your personal primal warrior year? With the sessions at PrimalThenics Studio in Newmarket, you can tap into your maximum potential and build confidence, as well as muscle.

The fitness studio's services help you achieve your goals and recover a sense of physical empowerment while expanding your body’s endurance and range of motion.

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The fitness sessions at PrimalThenics Studio focus on building flexibility, mobility, and strength through natural movements.

Find Primal Movements To Meet Your Needs

Research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows that primal movement workouts - which focus on simple exercises using your bodyweight and natural actions like lunges and crawling patterns - can have a significant effect in terms of increasing physical capacity and well-being. With the movement sessions at PrimalThenics Studio, you'll have an opportunity to exercise alongside likeminded people and experience health benefits of the primal lifestyle. “At PrimalThenics, we offer a diverse range of sessions, each carefully crafted to target your specific needs, invigorate your fitness journey, and combat the unique challenges you face as a high-performing professional,” explains a studio spokesperson.

Prepare For Demands of Daily Life

The primal pliability sessions at the studio are constructed to prepare your body for the rigors of training and the fast-paced demands of daily life, through stretching, movement routines, and neurologically-driven activation drills.

According to the studio, benefits of primal movement workouts include relief for aches and pains, as well as increased mobility, speed, agility, flexibility, and coordination. Along with burning calories and increasing muscle, you're likely to notice improvements to posture, balance, and coordination.

Explore Your Primal Hunter & Warrior

During PrimalThenics Studio’s Primal Warrior sessions, you'll use flywheels, dumbbells and targeted exercises, including heavy load lifting, to build functional strength. Primal Hunter classes involve pushing aerobic boundaries to build stamina and increase V02, or maximum oxygen consumption.

Present and past clients have positive reviews for the PrimalThenics fitness center. “I had the pleasure of completing a number of group training sessions with Chris,” says James G. “Amazing physical workouts - they're always relevant and different and Chris’s ability to identify body movement stressors and adapt exercises is the best I’ve encountered.”

Say goodbye to the former flab and embrace your primal power with PrimalThenics!

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