Bright Waterproof VITCHELO® Camping Headlamp See While Outdoors Dual Purpose Product Launched

Aug 2, 2016

Get the dual purpose VITCHELO® camping headlamp for outdoor cooking, utility work and long distance sight with wide light mode and narrow mode for seeing further with a more powerful beam. It takes both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries and has a lockout mode to prevent accidental drainage.

  • bright waterproof vitchelo camping headlamp see while outdoors dual purpose prod
  • bright waterproof vitchelo camping headlamp see while outdoors dual purpose prod
  • bright waterproof vitchelo camping headlamp see while outdoors dual purpose prod

A new headlamp has been launched by VITCHELO®, after six months in the making. The latest model is an upgrade over the previously bestselling V800 model, and comes after the company reviewed the different changes requested by customers. A wide range of improvements have been made to the light, and the new product has been launched on Amazon to help ensure a wide range of new customers can get access to great lighting for camping and outdoor use.

More information can be found on the Amazon page listing at:

VITCHELO® is company whose design mission is to help encourage its customers to get outside more often and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. The company believes that people aren't meant to spend their whole life indoors, and from time to time they should escape the everyday routine and spend quality time with nature, friends and family.

As part of this belief, the company has set out to produce high quality camping gear, so customers can use it to adventure into the outdoors with confidence and safety.

The VITCHELO® site underscores the key difference between the new camping headlamp and the previous model. The first is that most headlamps only have one type of light, either narrow or wide, but the V800 Plus model has both. The wide lighting is useful for general camping tasks, while the narrow light is better for long distance viewing.

Additionally, most headlamps drain the battery even when they are safely enclosed in the user's backpack. A new lockout feature ensures that the latest model doesn't accidentally drain its battery while it's not in use.

The site also explains that the V800 headlamp accepts both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, unlike most headlamps, which are locked into their battery selection. Lastly, it offers BOOST mode, which send the light to its full brightness at the touch of a button.

These four features combined plus many more make the new VITCHELO® V800 Plus camping headlamp a strong contender in the market. Further details can be found on the company website at:

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