Brave Alternative Search Web Browser For Conservatives Has Uncensored News

Sep 7, 2022

Free speech internet browsing has arrived this year with the launch of TUSK, a new integrated web search browser that’s backed by American Patriots.

Brave Alternative Search Web Browser For Conservatives Has Uncensored News

If you dream of a truly democratic internet experience, where conservatives and moderates are free from censorship, you need TUSK.

The purpose of the new browser is to provide you with an alternative to the dominant platforms like Chrome, DuckDuckGo and Brave, which are predicated on algorithms that inherently shape, and in some cases may limit your browsing experience. As such, TUSK is targeted to American Patriots like yourself, and the main intention behind the new platform is to offer you a built-in integrated search experience that removes liberal bias and allows for fully uncensored free speech.

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The launch of the new search web browser coincides with a recent exposé from US News on the state of censorship in some of the world’s most dominant search engines. Their researchers determined that all American users now experience censorship when it comes to internet searches and are also subject to the dominant engines’ models of elevating paid content.

However, as a right-leaning person, you have likely been made to feel more heavily censored by these typically left-wing, liberal Silicon Valley West Coast institutions. Especially in a moment when, according to Gallup, 78% of conservatives like yourself already agree that mass media in general is heavily biased and too liberal.

As such, TUSK is confident that there is a desire in both the conservative and moderate community for breaking news and top stories that are completely censorship-free.

The unbiased new browser alternative is built around a central news feed that features both unfiltered and filtered content, with an option for you to access news that has been specifically curated for Republican voters and American Patriots. It also includes an integrated search engine and gives you easy links to right-wing approved media outlets.

TUSK has also been created with a view to useability and it is compatible whether you are a Windows or a Mac desktop user. Likewise, it is formatted for mobile browsing and is available on both your iOS or Android system.

TUSK has quickly become dubbed ‘The Free Speech Browser’ since its launch earlier this year. The platform was founded by a collective of passionate American Patriots and entrepreneurs who believe there is a better way to browse.

A spokesperson for the new browser alternative said, “TUSK stands against censorship. The TUSK browser allows you to determine the sources of your news and information.​ Designed exclusively for Conservatives, TUSK allows you to get the news and information you want without the liberal bias.​”

If you want truly uncensored free speech, the future of bias-free internet is here with TUSK.

Visit to start using an internet that is built by the right, for the right.

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