Boulder ADHD/ODD Experts Help You Learn The Skills To Support Your Child

Apr 9, 2021

Stop wasting your emotional energy on blaming yourself for your ADHD child’s defiant behavior! Register for PTS Coaching’s online workshop now and learn how to stop the chaos at home and bring calm to your family!

Parenting a child with ADHD? Feeling frustrated and ineffective in helping your son or daughter make a positive change? Join this online webinar now and start reducing stress to help your child find acceptance and success in life!

Boulder, Colorado-based PTS Coaching, LLC., founded by leading ADHD expert Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP, has updated its services for parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) living Nationwide. The company now offers families the opportunity to join their online workshop and schedule One-on-One private sessions to obtain insights, tools, and strategies to help a child better cope with their challenges.

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PTS Coaching’s online seminars are designed to help parents understand behaviors associated with ADHD, executive function challenges, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and other deficits while showing them ways to create a positive environment that increases their child’s chances for success.

Through 7-session live webinars based on the Calm & Connected philosophy, PTS Coaching teaches you how to set boundaries for your ADHD children, encourage good behavior without using rewards and punishment, and foster better relationships with them.

If you are looking to find more about the social and emotional impact of ADHD and executive dysfunction on your child’s learning ability, motivation, behavior, and family relationships, you can join their 2-hour live-interactive webinars.

PTS Coaching, which stands for Pathways to Success in reflection of founder Cindy Goldrich’s belief that every child has their own unique path to follow, also offers professional development for schools’ districts both in person and via live-interactive trainings for parents of ADHD children through 1-hour online workshops.

If you are experiencing difficulties in coping with the struggles your ADHD child faces in managing homework, you can join their 2-hour live-interactive webinar to gain information about critical tools and strategies to help your child stay focused and motivated while studying at home.

Cindy, who is a certified ADHD coach and a mental health counselor, works exclusively with parents to enable them to better understand the challenges their ADHD child faces and give positive parenting advice that every family needs to hear.

Her mission is to empower you to create a tranquil home environment, set realistic and achievable rules and expectations for your child’s behavior, and provide you with adequate support and guidance.

In addition to her online workshops, Cindy also conducts on-demand eCourses, individual parent coaching sessions, school consultations, and coaching for couples raising a child with ADHD. Her seminars have been translated into Spanish and Chinese and they are also available in Canada, Kuwait, Dubai, China, and Sweden.

Seeking professional assistance to improve the behavior of your hyperactive child? Let Cindy from PTS Coaching teach you the skills and strategies to create a calm home environment and reduce stress on the whole family!

Ready to help your child thrive and embrace their authentic self? Click on to register for the online workshop that will bring back peace to your family!

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