Boston MA Restaurant Consulting Firm Helps Clients Improve Safety Protocols

Feb 25, 2021

If you’re a restaurant owner who needs advice on how to safely reopen your establishment, tap the expertise of Boston, MA-based Avery Restaurant Consulting.

Need help with safely reopening your restaurant? This advisory firm can help!

Boston, MA-based Avery Restaurant Consulting announces the launch of its expanded advisory services. This firm now provides specialized strategies that allow your dining establishment to operate safely and profitably despite the current pandemic.

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This updated offering is part of the consultancy’s commitment to helping the industry navigate these unprecedented times. Its goal is to help your restaurant not just survive but thrive, gearing it for success in the new normal.

Data shows that people spent almost half their food budget on dining out before the lockdowns started. With most people still sheltering in place, however, many restaurants have either folded, shed jobs, or are nearing collapse.

Avery Restaurant Consulting highlights that there are strategies that allow your restaurant to soften the pandemic’s blow and even grow its profits. The company works closely with you to create bespoke plans that are suitable for the scale and nature of your restaurant.

These include modifications to how you serve customers, especially as restaurants have yet to return to full capacity. Specifically, the consulting firm helps your restaurant transition into e-commerce so it can reach more clients and deliver a seamless online ordering experience.

The Boston-based company also helps strengthen safety protocols in your restaurant so it can safely and efficiently serve dine-in customers. It provides crucial advice on sanitation procedures, cashless payments, and employee health monitoring, among other matters.

To help your restaurant stay financially viable, the consultancy also looks for ways to optimize daily operations. These may include steps like adjusting your business hours, modifying employee shifts, and lowering overhead costs.

Avery Restaurant Consulting was founded by Jason Carron, who himself was a noted chef before starting his advisory firm. He provides full-service consulting on all aspects of restaurant operations, from menu creation to marketing strategy.

A satisfied client has this to say of the firm: “If you’re seeking insight on hospitality from a restaurant professional, Jason is your guy. He will teach you the skills that prospective employees are looking for when applying for work.”

Learn the secret to growing your dining establishment in these challenging times. Book a session with Avery Restaurant Consulting today!

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