Boost Your Skin Routine With Natural Chemical-Free Products From This Brand

Oct 19, 2020

Skinny Dipping Soap Body and Bath has launched a new range of chemical-free natural skin care products aimed at health-conscious consumers who want to reduce their intake of harmful chemicals.

Are you aware of the harmful chemicals that you absorb in your everyday life? Do you know what chemicals are used in the products you put on your skin, face, and body? Would you like to use a natural range of products that are chemical-free and will leave your skin glowing? If you have answered ‘yes’ this is the range for you!

If you consider yourself a health-conscious shopper and you want to use natural, organic, and chemical-free products you can benefit from a newly launched range of face oils, body soaps, and skin care products. In case you are wondering, Skinny Dipping Soap Body and Bath was born out of the realization that harmful chemicals and toxins are present in many everyday items, from food and drink to hair and skin care products.

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The newly launched range is designed to provide practical solutions and products for you if you want to reduce the number of harmful chemicals around you. The brand owner explains they were inspired to launch the range after being diagnosed with cancer and realizing how many chemicals and toxins they were encountering daily.

After researching the typical ingredients in oils, soaps, and skin care products, it quickly became apparent that everyday products that they and you may have assumed were ‘safe’ were in fact not. The unexpected illness forced the owner to rethink their life and implement changes to live a cleaner and more natural life.

Products available to you in the new range include beard butter, beard oil, body butter, cleansing face oil, a lotion bar, and soaps. The latter is available in different shapes including a cupcake design, which is an ideal stocking filler or gift for your family and friends who want to practice self-care and relax at home.

The cleansing facial oil is made of high-quality natural ingredients and is designed to leave your skin with a healthy glow. The brand and newly launched products are aimed at you and other conscious consumers as the brand understands you want to know what is in your products and care about your health as well as environmental issues.

A company spokesperson said: “One November day it became evident that what I was exposing myself to was not ‘normal’ and I had to change that. My existence seemed laden with chemicals from what I ate, drank, breathed, and essentially everything I put on my body. I decided I wanted a cleaner natural way of life, and maybe you do too.”

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