Boost Your Online Presence & Get More Clients With This Google Certified SEO Company

Dec 26, 2016

YourProfitWeb, a Rochester professional digital marketing and SEO company, announced its Google Partnership and Certification status renewal. You can now benefit from the best SEO and digital marketing services currently available with this Google-certified SEO company!

YourProfitWeb, a digital marketing and SEO company based in Rochester, New York, announced its Google Partnership and Certification status renewal.

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Online marketing has grown tremendously over the past decade, as more and more people turn to the internet in search for a variety of both online and offline services. Recent reports show that up to 90% of all clients used online reviews or Google searches in deciding which products to buy or which services to use.

Furthermore, Google visibility is crucial to business success. According to recent studies, roughly two thirds of all Google traffic for a specific keyword go to the top three search entries, thereby making Google ranking especially important.

As a result, many businesses both online and offline have invested in SEO and digital marketing. In response to this growing request for professional online marketing services, a large number of SEO agencies have appeared, offering a wide range of services at different prices.

However, most of these agencies are operated by SEO amateurs or outsource their workload to third parties, thereby offering dubious digital marketing services. This results in negative business outcomes, as such agencies usually offer poorly written content and design unprofessional ads, thereby negatively affecting a business' online reputation.

YourProfitWeb announced the renewal of its Google Partnership status. Google Partnership and Certification is a benchmark of SEO professionalism, as the search engine giant puts intense efforts into researching the companies it works with.

The Rochester SEO company provides Google-certified digital marketing services including SEO, search advertising, mobile optimization, video and display advertising and e-commerce services. All online marketing services are certified as per different Google specializations, such as AdWords Search, AdWords Mobile, AdWords Video, AdWords Display, AdWords Shopping and Google Analytics.

The company is looking to expand its expertise in the year to come as well, in an effort to provide complete, fully optimized SEO services to both local and international businesses.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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