Boost Your HR Career With the Best Certified Online Course From This Specialist

Mar 4, 2021

Are you ready to move forward with your HR career? Now might be the right time to look at the 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program, provided by HR Certified. The course is available for learners throughout the US, with certification up for grabs upon completion.

Looking for the best way to prepare for HR Certification? HR Certified not only prepares you to pass the HRCI and/or SHRM exam, but also provides you with premium support that comes standard!

Get ready for the new 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program, beginning in March and other points during the year. The course is provided by HR Certified, a company specializing in Human Resources (HR) certification. When carrying out the course, you will get the skills you need to advance your HR career.

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Owner Anthony P. Howard continues to provide some of the best HR training programs in the country, alongside his trusted team of HR experts.

HR Certified’s 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program offers you thousands of questions to test their knowledge, divided between dozens of assignments. The course also provides hundreds of web-based content pages.

When taking part in the 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program, you will also benefit from live preparation help for each exam. Other benefits you'll enjoy include various one-to-one chats with their teacher. During the program, you will learn the different components of corporate reward packages and executing change management strategies.

The course will also teach you how to manage employee relationships through proven practices and contribute to their company’s HR strategy. After completing the HR Certified program and passing an exam, you'll receive HR certification.

Besides teaching, the 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program will also give learners access to a community of other students.

The 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program is available at different stages throughout the year. The latest announcement forms part of the company’s commitment to helping professionals move forward in a career that they will find rewarding and where they can make an impact.

HR Certified was founded in December 2018 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is a minority-owned business and has a team currently consisting of four experts in HR. As it celebrated its anniversary in December 2020, the company also announced that it had passed the 500-graduate milestone. is the company’s official website.

Commenting on the 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program, Owner and Lead HR Certification Facilitator Anthony P. Howard said: “In recent months, employee wellbeing and engagement have been two vital talking points throughout the US. Many companies have had to shift to remote working, and employees demand better treatment in the workplace.

“To drive this change, we need strong HR teams. With the 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program, we aim to make sure there is enough supply for the demand. Graduates will learn how to contribute to strategies and build effective company cultures while improving their colleagues’ working lives."

Are you ready to move your HR career in the right direction? Head over to and enrolling in the 13 Week Hybrid Certificate Program today!

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