Boost Your Confidence Self Control & Athletic Performance Life Coach Teri Rose Report Launched

Oct 18, 2016

Learn how to achieve success and master self-confidence to cut down on athletic mistakes and train and perform better with the latest information from Teri Rose, wellness, performance and life coach helping athletes achieve their goals.

An experienced health and wellness coach, life coach and energy healer has launched a new report for athletes that is focused on three key discoveries that can turn bad days, memories and fear of failure into winning performances. Written by Teri Rose, it features a detailed video breaking down how athletes can focus their mind to better achieve success and maintain a winning foundation.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Teri teaches her clients how to use new discoveries and lost arts to boost their happiness, reduce their stress levels, eliminate worry in their life and cut down on mistakes and procrastination. She also prides herself on helping athletes improve their recovery time with injuries, and get better performance and effectiveness regardless of their specialty.

Teri combines her knowledge and experience from more than 25 years of study, research and training to create online workshops, group coaching sessions and personal coaching to help athletes perform at their best.

She is the creator of the Triangle Formula System, which helps people to use their mind effectively by feeding creative visualization to the right brain and creating internal conversations to feed their analytical left brain, as well as associating specific feelings in their body that they associate with thoughts in their mind. These three aspects can create a powerful foundation for success. Those techniques are taught in her Triangle Formula System and personal coaching.

Her latest online presentation explains that for athletes and performers, it's important to keep the mind focused. Conflict arises because it's the brain's job to warn people of things that could hurt them. This can cause athletes to feel worried about repeating mistakes if they've had a bad day, and they can lose their confidence, which can snowball and negatively affect performance.

Teri presents three discoveries that can help athletes perform better, heal faster and work more effectively when it comes to both training and performing. They are covered in detail in the online presentation, which is free for interested parties to watch.

Anyone wanting to find out more about Teri or her services can get in touch on 615-884-3731.

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