Boost Listening Skills Become A Better Leader & Influence Others With This New Chad Chesmark Report

Oct 3, 2016

Discover how you can boost your leadership skills with three simple words by checking out Chad Chesmark’s highly acclaimed motivational talk website and find a date near you so you can benefit today.

A new report has been launched offering insight into the leadership training course offered by public speaker Chad Chesmark. Called 3 Powerful Words That Will Make A Better Leader, it focuses on the impact words can have and how language can have a powerful influence on people, as well as a way to motivate and encourage them. It shows readers how to choose the right words to inspire others and gives a glimpse of Chad's engaging leadership program.

More information can be found on Chad's official website at:

The report explains that choosing the right influential words can inspire individuals and groups, but choosing the wrong words risks creating feelings of resentment. The three words the report chooses to help enhance leadership skills are listen, vision, and encourage. Hypnotist Richard Barker fully endorses the program stating "This is a must attend training event for anyone in a leadership role" Richard has a best selling book available titled Selling Hypnotically, the art of suggestion which can be obtained at

It goes on to say that listening is one of the biggest factors interested parties should master if they want to become a better leader. When most people should be listening, they are often planning what they themselves want to say next, and as a result they limit their understanding of what another person is sharing.

The report also stresses the importance of ensuring everyone on a project shares the same vision, and explains that one way of achieving this is to get everyone involved in the creation process.

Finally it underscores that a good leader should always aim to encourage, speaking in positive tones rather than negatives. Because of the way the unconscious mind works, speaking negatively can have a damaging effect on an intended objective.

Leadership expert Chad Chesmark has earned degrees in business and organization, sociology, public relations and theater arts. He has performed over 1,000 shows across the globe, where his talks incorporate lessons on the subconscious mind through the use of powerful words.

Chad's website explains that his events combine public speaking with entertaining, engaging and humorous mind reading demonstrations that distinguish him from conventional sit and listen leadership programs.

Interested parties can find available dates on Chad's website,where they can also get in touch using the contact form provided on site.

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