Boost in post-covid anxiety & fear is fueling interest in online hypnotherapy

Jul 25, 2021

Hypnotherapist sees increased interest in online hypnotherapy for post-covid anxiety and fear

With face to face traditional therapy not always possible, many anxiety sufferers are turning to online hypnotherapy sessions. Los Angeles Hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion reports a boost in overall requests with clients specifically asking for help with post-covid anxiety and fears.

While Sasha offers in-person sessions, a good chunk of her clients are many miles away, with some even residing in other countries. Sasha explains,”Before, I always had people requesting in-person sessions. Now, people are much more comfortable with online sessions.”

With covid numbers on the rise, more people are open to doing therapy from the comfort of their own home. In a recent poll conducted by OnePoll, half of the respondents said that they were considering therapy for the first time in their life because of the pandemic. Close to 50% of those polled said they were more likely to try online therapy.

A good example is a 16 year old client in Florida, who for confidentiality reasons will be called Bridgette. Bridgette started working with Sasha for ptsd stemming from being abused and raped by her boyfriend. The situation with covid only added to her anxiety.

With time, her overall situation become unbearable to where she could no longer function.

After going to traditional therapy and finding that it didn’t work for her, her mother found Sasha. Distance was not an issue.

Sasha and Bridgettes have been doing their therapy sessions via Facetime.

According to her mother, “Sasha has been a God-send. She was exactly what my daughter need.” A few months later, Bridgette is in a much better place.

“Hypnotherapy is powerful,” says Sasha Carrion, “It gives people access to the part of their mind where all of their programming resides. That alone can be a life-changer.”

As times changes and mental health needs grow, hypnotherapy is proving to be a highly effective mode of therapy.

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