Book At-Home Senior Physiotherapy Session In Cromwell To Address Back Pain

Jul 8, 2024

Wave chronic pain goodbye with at-home senior physiotherapy in Cromwell, CT by Lifetime Health Physiotherapy (860-969-1447)!

All of us grow older, but how we experience our age varies. Remaining physically fit and keeping a sharp mind are key to aging gracefully – you can be a spritely senior with the right exercises and stretching! If you’re looking to begin physiotherapy, there’s only one name you need to remember.

Preserve your independence with Lifetime Health Physiotherapy! Check out their services at  

At-home senior physiotherapy for improved health

Lifetime Health Physiotherapy offers at-home senior physiotherapy, helping individuals over 50 remain active without the use of painkillers or frequent trips to the doctor.

Looking to heal more quickly from an injury? Suffering from chronic pain? Want to spend less on medicines? Lifetime Health is here to help!

Their physiotherapy helps elderly men and women gain more energy for their daily activities, alleviate chronic pain, and feel healthier overall. As a natural approach to wellness, physiotherapy helps you regain your mobility without heavily relying on conventional medicines.

Why physiotherapy for older people?

Lifetime Health Physiotherapy explains that their physiotherapy has been developed to address your functional limitations - the procedure offers therapeutic benefits for seniors with chronic conditions such as arthritis, back, neck shoulder, knee, or ankle pain, and speeds up the healing process following an injury or invasive surgery. Most importantly, regular physiotherapy allows you to preserve your independence and live more actively, despite any co-morbidities, the team says.

Being “old” doesn't necessarily mean being “frail”. Age is just a number when you develop healthy habits!

Tailored care

Lifetime Health takes pride in its conservative attitude in improving the health and wellness of elderly people - you will receive a personalized treatment plan that establishes a routine of stretching and light exercise. Your one-hour fitness training sessions will be overseen by one of the team's therapists at a location of your preference: their home, office, or chosen gym.

Gentle, lower-impact stretches are particularly recommended for a senior like yourself, you will improve flexibility and prevent muscle stiffness. When supplemented with light exercises like walking or cycling, stretching also contributes to cardiovascular health and overall wellness.

"Whether you are a busy executive crunched for time or a retired golfer, an initial consultation will help you determine the best path forward to getting you back to the activities you love," a company spokesperson said. "We will evaluate you and develop a graduated exercise program that will allow you to accomplish your fitness goals safely. Each visit includes one hour of fitness training in your home, office, or gym of choice."

Establish a healthy routine

Do you love to garden? Like to dance? Lifetime Health will work closely with you to create a tailored care plan, helping you remain physically and mentally engaged each day, and empowering you to remain independent as you age.

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