Blue Copper Capital in Vancouver is Pleased to Announce New Video Review by Brent R

Sep 6, 2016

New video review by Brent R. for Blue Copper Capital in Vancouver BC on their apprenticeship program. Young apprentices interested in finding out how to apply are encouraged to contact Dave Chen through the Vancouver office.

For those interested in apprenticeship related news, Brent R has just released a video review of Blue Copper Capital services in Vancouver BC. It covers the quality of service provided to him when he applied to their apprenticeship funding program.

This new video review can be viewed through this link:

The video covers how appreciative the company is for this type of review, and how they feel in general about all their clients. The Blue Copper Capital company motto is to treat all clients with the same level of respect, with the intention of giving a hand up not a hand out.

This apprenticeship program is famous for providing financial help to young apprentices starting out in a new career, and in need of tools and/or transportation. This program has been very successful with hundreds of young apprentices in British Columbia and Alberta.

Owner of Blue Copper Capital, Dave Chen says: "Honest reviews of our business are always welcome. We want our customers to know that in many cases we conduct our business in the privacy of their own home instead of at our office".

When their apprenticeship program was first introduced the concept attracted numerous investors and gave the company a strong financial base to build on. Serving the community of Calgary Alberta first, things got rolling fairly quickly and within a decade they had grown to four locations. Two in Alberta and two in British Columbia. The newest office was established in Vernon BC, in the summer of 2016.

More information about Blue Copper Capital can be found on the Vancouver branch office website:

The apprenticeship program has been the backbone of the company since its inception and responsible for steady growth. Anyone enrolled in a British Columbia or Alberta apprenticeship program can contact Dave Chen for further details. Eligibility requirements are not posted on the public website as details can be subject to change depending on circumstances. Applicants are encouraged to phone for more information.

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