BiteSyzed by Abhi Dwivedi: Create Shorts On Autopilot For High Engagement

Oct 7, 2023

BiteSyzed lets you create viral shorts from long-form video content – without extensive manual editing or technical knowledge.

BiteSyzed by Abhi Dwivedi is an AI-driven solution that lets you turn long-form content into shorts, which makes it great for:

  • brands looking for superb YouTube shorts material;
  • influencers looking to increase the reach of their interviews;
  • marketers looking for a great tool to create viral video products for their clients.

Shorts - The Future Of Visual Media

The new technology comes as short videos are rapidly becoming the dominant media - with YouTube shorts amassing over 50 billion views per day, and TikTok being currently the most addictive social media platform.

How BiteSyzed Works

BiteSyzed is designed to help anyone gain easier access to the shorts marketplace.The software works by breaking down long-form video content such as:

  • webinars
  • workshops
  • presentations

- into shorts powered by advanced AI analysis.

“BiteSyzed employs a groundbreaking AI Context Technology to grasp the purpose, ideas, and nuances of your long-form video and then create hundreds of short video clips for social media, in 9:16, 16:9, 1:1 and 3:4 format,” says Abhi. “Simply upload your video, and our AI will identify multiple highlight moments, curate them into bite-sized clips, and ensure each one packs a punch, ready for your audience to devour, turning them into website visitors, leads and sales.”

BiteSyzed Shorts - The Process

The video creating process is fully AI-based. From splitting the video into shorts to adding captions, subtitles, highlighting keywords, and identifying and focusing on the active speaker, the software automates all video editing tasks - with the end results being short clips that have a strong potential for becoming viral. To help you predict the success of your shorts, BiteSyzed also generates an AI virality score.

Brand Alignment

If you're a business owner looking to integrate shorts into your branding strategy, BiteSyzed comes with logo and brand color integration - and advanced editing features allow you to further personalize the videos to ensure 100% brand compliance.

You can also easily export the video clips on various social media platforms - and the software will automatically generate descriptions and hashtags for extra reach.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Go to to learn more!

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